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The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane Two Tasting Kits were thoughtfully prepared to bring new insights and depth of experience to the readers of THE TEA GIRL OF HUMMINGBIRD LANE.  Lisa See and Linda Louie have selected authentic premium quality pu-erh teas that relate to the book.  The two tasting guides are written to further enhance your experience and expand your knowledge of pu-erh tea.  

The two Tea Tasting Kits for The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane include the following...

  • TEAS: 2 premium raw pu-erh teas, 1 ripe pu-erh tea; and two miniature ripe pu-erh tea cakes
  • A TASTING GUIDE brochure for either a book club or individuals with:
    • Brewing instructions for each tea
    • General tips for brewing a good cup of tea
    • Pu-erh tea facts

The Book Club Tea Tasting Kit lists points for group discussions on each tea, questions and focal points for comparing taste experiences with other club members, and notes on discerning tea traits like hui gan and cha qi (tea energy).

The Tea Tasting Kit for Individuals is designed for a single reader or an informal group who wishes to experience pu-erh tea as described in the book.  It guides the reader in discovering and comparing different flavors and detecting tea traits like hui gan and cha qi (tea energy).  Teas can be enjoyed alone or shared with others without a structured meeting.

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