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Bana Tea - Bringing you the finest Pu-erh teas from Yunnan
Bana Tea strives to bring its customers only the finest quality Puerh teas directly from the ten famous tea mountains of Yunnan. By offering the best and most esoteric Chinese tea, we hope to also bring you the history, culture and tradition behind this very special tea.
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What is Pu-erh tea?
Puerh, Pu-erh, Pu Er, Puer, or Pu-er tea is made from a broad-leaf variety native to China's Yunnan province called ?Yunnan Dayeh.? Pu-erh tea starts out its life as a green tea. But over time, the fermentation process transforms it into a black tea. The difference between Pu-erh tea and other teas is that Pu-erh tea is a truly fermented tea where biological changes affected the aroma, color and flavor of the tea. Pu-erh tea, unlike other teas, can be aged for decades and it becomes smoother and more complex over time if aged under proper storage conditions. Pu-erh tea has been the most sought-after tea by tea connoisseurs in Asia in recent years and it is gaining popularity in the West. In addition to the unique characteristics of the tea, tea connoisseurs across the globe are most intrigued by the history and culture of Pu-erh.

The Bana Variety
At Bana, we take great pride not only to bring you the highest quality, but the different varieties of Pu-erh tea. From the smooth and earthy aged Pu-erh to the unique and complex flavor of Purple Tip, we make sure there is a tea for everyone.

We believe that the highest quality teas should be enjoyed with the finest teaware. Our selection of bone China tea cups and Gaiwan are the perfect company to enhance your tea-drinking experience. Proper tea-brewing often presents a challenge for beginning tea drinkers. Our award winning Piao-I teapot is the most functional and easy-to-use tea-brewing instrument to make your perfect cup of tea.

Hidden Treasure
At Bana, we like to share with our customers the treasures we discovered during my travels to Yunnan. We hope you find the very special products as enchanting as we did.