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Book Club Tea Tasting Kit
Book Club Tea Tasting Kit
Lisa See The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane Book Cover

The Book Club Tea Tasting Kit

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• TEAS: 2 premium raw pu-erh teas, 1 ripe pu-erh tea and two miniature ripe pu-erh tea cakes
• A TASTING GUIDE brochure for either a book club or individuals with:
            - Brewing instructions for each tea
            - General tips for brewing a good cup of tea
            - Pu-erh tea facts

The Book Club Tea Tasting Kit lists points for group discussions on each tea, questions and focal points for comparing taste experiences with other club members, and notes on discerning tea traits like hui gan and cha qi (tea energy).

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Customer Comments:

average rating 100%
Book Club Tea Tasting 09/27/2021
By Mary
Thank you Bana Tea Company! Our club has about 10 members and just finished reading Lisa See's The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. I chose Bana because it was endorsed by the author and we wanted to taste authentic Pu-erh tea. Easy to order online. Arrived quickly. Nice packaging and explanation of each of the four teas. We were limited in time, so a few of us compared the Ruyi Ripe 2020 tea with the 2008 Bana Vintage. We chose the Bana 2008 Vintage to pour for the entire group because of its mellow flavor and no bitterness. We did not get to compare the two raw vintages, so I split the remaining teas and tea cakes among the members to take home and try later. Definite cha qi among the group! Thank you.
Our responseThank you so much for your detailed review. Glad everyone enjoyed the experience.
average rating 100%
Excellent Product 04/27/2019
By Sunshine Gigi
As My Book Club had just finished reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane...I purchased your Tea Tasting package to share during our discussion.
I did think twice about ordering the kit due to its expense, but in the end decided to give it a try.
I am so pleased that I did! The tea tasting further enhanced our enjoyment of the book as we now understand what the hoopla was all about!
Your selections were excellent. Each tea tasted was unique and with a taste of it's own. It was certainly a learning experience for everyone. I plan to order a cake of the ripe
Thank you for offering the opportunity to become acquainted with Pu-er Tea.
The Tea Ladies of Orange Park Florida.

Our responseTea tasting with friends is a very enjoyable activity. It is relaxing as well as cultural. Glad you all head a great time.
average rating 100%
The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane 09/13/2018
By Kamloops, BC Book Club
We had a tea tasting during our book club meeting using the direction on how to make and steep the tea and even bought spring water! The tasting notes and suggestions and detailed information which came with each tea really added to the experience and our understanding of the teas and the book. The pictures one of the club members brought from her trip to the Yunnan Province which showed the indigo skirts and leggings worn by the ethnic tribes, rounded out the evening into one which really highlighted our review of this book!

Thank you for putting this book club kit together and for your excellent service getting it to us in time!!

The Kamloops, BC Book Club
average rating 100%
Perfect for book club 06/10/2018
By Emma
This beautifully packaged tea tasting kit was perfect for our book club discussion of Lisa See's Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane!

We received 4 packets of different pu-erh teas as well as a helpful tasting guide. I brewed each tea one at a time, according to the instructions. Everyone got to sip and taste each tea in progression as we discussed the book.

The mini tea cakes wrapped in rice paper were very cute and we passed them around the table for everyone to see and smell.

Since none of us knew anything about pu-erh tea before reading the book, this tea tasting kit really enriched our discussion. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience!
average rating 100%
Perfect Complement to The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, by Lisa See 11/30/2018
Our long standing book club (40+ years) was reading Lisa See's book, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. We purchased this kit as a way to better understand the context of the book and the characterizations. This kit worked for a group of 10. We each had a taste of the various teas and could offer our impressions. None of us had ever taste Pu-erh, so this was a treat to learn something new, which is always criterion for our book selections. Our members are calling the tea tasting experience, "the highlight of the year". Your tea kit added to our book group discussion in a way that enhanced our experience. We highly recommend the Bana Tea Company.
Our responseThank you for the high praise. I am so glad to hear you all had a pleasant tea experience.
average rating 100%
So much fun! 05/31/2018
By Jessica
I ordered the Book Club Tea Tasting Kit for my book club when we finished The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. What a fantastic purchase! The kit arrived very quickly, which I was thankful for since I ordered it late. We had a great time trying and comparing all of the teas. The instructions were very clear and the tea descriptions and questions helped us to know what we were tasting. This kit really brought the book to life and since you can reuse leaves I have been re brewing each type and just really enjoying the various teas. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone interested in trying new teas. Thank you for offering this.
average rating 60%
the tea girl of hummingbird land 08/06/2018
By Alice Ricks
I am very excited to have a tea tasting as part of my book club program about The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane.
It was a little disappointing to spend $66.90 for 15 ladies to sip four teas. It would be nice to enable buyers to purchase a couple more tea bags than have to buy an additional set. I was told I could do that but when I ordered I was told it was impossible. Having worked in customer service, I would like to encourage your staff to say nothing is impossible if your desire is to retain good clients. The leaflet gives good information but I didn't need to purchase two and the info is adequate but not expansive.
average rating 100%
A Hit 01/19/2019
By Dorothy McFeeters
the 15 ladies of my book club thoroughly enjoyed the book club tea tasting kit.Many comments about how it made the evening. People who do not normally drink tea decided they would explore the world of tea some more. We tried to follow the instructions as best we could & many were able to taste the flavors described. I also shared an abbreviated rendition of the Tea Snob with them which they found delightful. This kit just added another dimension to our enjoyment of the book. Thank you for making this experience possible.

The kit is as advertised with explicit, simple directions to help you have a successful tea tasting.

Our responseThank you so much for the glowing review. I am glad the tea tasting experience has added additional enjoyment to your book club discussion.
average rating 100%
Lovely Tea 04/25/2020
By Barbara McReynolds
I bought the Tea Tasting Kit hoping to share it with my Book Club members for our discussion of The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane in March, but by that time social distancing was the norm and we didn't meet in person. So I have been drinking the pu-erh that arrived so beautifully packaged by myself. It is a delightfully tasting tea. I brewed the same raw pu-erh leaves many times and each time the tea had a lovely mellow flavor. I admit I was a bit intimidated about brewing the tea, but your directions were very clear. Thank you for making this tea available to us!
Our responseThank you for letting us know your positive experience. We hope the teas keep you calm and happy during these uncertain times.
average rating 100%
Book Club Tea Tasting 11/26/2018
By Michelle Wright
Our book club just read The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, by Lisa See and decided to order this tea tasting kit for our gathering. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the teas! They are wonderful! The kit includes a great variety of teas and included wonderful background about each tea. We appreciated the steeping instructions as well. It did require a good tea pot for steeping and we also needed small tea tasting cups that were not included. The tea shipment arrived as promised by the shipping category we selected and in time for our book club gathering. Enjoy!
average rating 100%
Great Tea Experience! 08/05/2018
By Elaine Miram
Very enjoyable way to share and enhance the discussion of the Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. Our book club really enjoyed it, as we brewed and sampled all 3 of the Pu-uer teas (we did not taste the mini-tea cakes but rather I gave them to the person who had selected the book.) As the hostess for the meeting I was very happy to receive my order tea in a timely manner, packaged beautifully, with excellent email response/guidance from Linda in the process of placing my order. The collection of teas comes with detailed instructions---you can't go wrong!
average rating 100%
Book Club Tea Tasting 05/07/2018
By Carrie Zamorano
This was a great experience for our book club! The tasting guide was excellent, telling the order to taste the tea and with tasting notes so we knew what to look for. The directions were clear and helpful since pu'er is brewed a little differently. This was the highlight of our book club so far. It was amazing how different each tea looked and tasted just based on how it was processed; it gave us a whole new appreciation for the tea, the culture, and the book.
average rating 100%
Tea Tasting 07/18/2023
By Phyllis Conlan
I hosted a tea tasting for my book group, and it was lots of fun. I wasn’t sure how to organize it, but ended up gathering my 4 little pots, and brewed one package of tea at a time. We sipped and kept notes of our impressions. We then referred to the pamphlet and appreciated the background information on the various teas. It was a real education. The tasting drew us back to See’s book to reread pertinent passages. Thank you for making the kit available.
Our responseSo glad to know you had a fun tasting at your book club meeting. Thank you for sharing your positive experience.
average rating 100%
Book Club 05/17/2021
By Cynthia Sorensen
We had a small group of 5 due to post-COVID-19 anxiety issues. The tasting kit for book groups worked nicely.
Not sure how it would be for our full group, but we may give it a try. Speedy delivery was much appreciated! The teas are distinctively different and fun to discuss.
I’d like to do the Sea Women tea tasting for my full group but it looks like the kit would only work for a few people with those snacks being limited in number…we’ll see.

Our responseThank you for the nice review. We are glad the kit worked nicely for your group. The kit is enough to serve 10 people.
average rating 100%
Book Club Tea Tasting 02/14/2019
Our book club read "The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane" and after our discussion we tasted two of the teas in the tasting kit. The two were very different from each other but very good. One was light and flowery and the other was strong, bold and smoky. The group was split 3/3 as to those who liked the light tea and those who liked the darker one the best. All of us enjoyed the experience of tasting the teas.
Our responseIt was great to hear you all enjoyed the tea tasting experience.
average rating 80%
Book club tea testing kit 04/30/2019
By Darlene Gardner
I purchased 2 kits since we have a large book club. We had 13 ladies in attendance for the book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See.
Everyone enjoyed the tea tasting, there were clear instructions on what to do and what to expect. It was a fun addition to our book discussion although because of the number of members it was a bit chaotic.
I would recommend Bana if interested in Pu'er tea

Our responseThank you for your endorsement - it means a lot to me.
average rating 80%
Tea Girl…” bookclub tea tasting kit 05/06/2024
By Janet Soinski
Pretty with attractive presentation, and pretty expensive. I doubt it’s the very good pu-erh, but my bookclub of 8 had fun with the 3 tea samples and the 2 mini tea cakes the diameter of a quarter. Some instructions were included, but I needed more information on prep (rinsing) before the meeting. We enjoyed identifying the different tastes and smells and sensations. I’d buy it once for the experience.
Our responseThank you for taking the time to give us the feedback. We are glad to hear your book club members had fun exploring the teas in the kits.
average rating 100%
Wonderful!!!! 08/30/2023
By Denise
This company, Bana, was so responsive as we needed the tea by a certain time and received it earlier than anticipated...plus Linda answered every question I had, gave us brewing instructions and returned email in the fastest possible way! The tea: extraordinary and fabulous and made our Book Club Day...don't hesitate to order from these very nice people who own a wonderful tea company not to miss!
Our responseThank you so much, Denise, for the wonderful comments. You made my day!!!
average rating 100%
book club loved the tea 10/15/2019
By Nephelie
I was curious about Puer tea, so ordered the tasting set, as my club was reading Lisa See's book. Everyone loved the book, and also really loved the tea! We didn't have time to taste all of the different teas yet, but even one tea to taste was lovely. Packaging was lovely, and we really appreciated the booklet with information about each tea, its origins, year and tasting notes.


Our responseThank you for the nice comments. I hope your group will enjoy the rest of the teas included in the tasting kit in future meetings.
average rating 100%
It Was A Hit 02/13/2019
By Brenda Gipson
I purchased this for our book club meeting after reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. Our group loved it. They were surprised by the taste of each sample and how different it is from what we can purchase in our grocery stores. It was a hit with everyone! I appreciate that Lisa See referenced this at the end of the book. It would also be a great gift for a tea connoisseur.
Our responseGood to know your book club enjoyed the tea tasting experience. Also thank you for your kind words about our pu-erh teas.
average rating 100%
multiple re-brews 05/16/2019
It didn't seem like there was much tea to serve to my book club after reading |Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane but after realizing that Pu'er tea can produce multiple batches from same set of leaves, I had plenty.
I liked getting a variety and everyone was surprised at how affordable it was after reading the book about how some pu'er tea sold for thousands of dollars.

Our responseIndeed, if you calculate the per cup cost, pu-erh is a very affordable tea. Glad you all enjoyed it.
average rating 100%
Book Club Tea Tasting 08/04/2018
By Bonnie
This was such a fun experience and went with our book discussion in a good way. The teas are amazing and very different tasting from many familiar teas. Our group felt like the tasting experience enhanced the discussion in a wonderful way. Seeing what a tea cake looks like in the 4th tea shared created a way to relate to the information about tea cakes in the story.
average rating 80%
Loved your Tea Kit 08/15/2019
By Linda Bresnick
You Book Club Tea Tasting Kit was simply the best possible addition to our club meeting to discuss The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. So informative and easy to use. We set up four different tasting stations and at intervals during our discussion, I brewed one of the sample teas and then we sipped while I read about it. It was one of the very best meetings we had.
Our responseI am so glad to hear about your book club had a great experience tasting pu-erh.
average rating 100%
Great idea! 10/15/2018
By Ineke Dickman
Thank you for putting together this fun book club tea tasting kit. We did not have a chance to taste all teas, but thought it was great tasting three different ones and comparing them. The subtle differences were certainly described well! Having the tea and the notes from the kit made the book and therefore the book group discussion come alive! Thank you again.
average rating 100%
Loved the tea tasting! 04/15/2019
By Ann Puckett
My book club was unanimous in approving the tea tasting kit. We all learned so much from the book, and the opportunity to experience some of what we read about is priceless. Brewing instructions were detailed and thorough, and people who lent teapots were thrilled to discover they could enjoy the same tea leaves several times.
Our responseYes, we get spoiled of how durable pu-erh tea is.
average rating 100%
Fun tea taste 12/18/2021
By Nita Pyle
My book club thoroughly enjoyed the tea tasting as part of our discussion of The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane.The tasting guide brochure was helpful in trying to identify the different properties of the teas. No one in the club was familiar with Pu-erh tea, except from the book, which made it a fun evening of discovery.
Our responseSo glad the tasting kit brought a positive experience to everyone in your book club. Thank you.
average rating 100%
What fun! 01/31/2022
By Catherine Jones
We got the tea sampling to taste as we reviewed The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. All enjoyed it and it was very interesting to see what the whole ritual of making tea is and what a real tea cake looked like.
It was funny how our American palates thought the tea was so mild, guess we won’t make it as tea tasters

Our responseNice to know the tasting portion of your meeting was fun and that you all enjoyed it.
average rating 100%
Best tea! 05/20/2023
By Dodie Barr
I received the tea gifts baskets, tea cakes, and book club sampling quickly after ordering. I immediately read how to prepare my pu’re tea and made my first cup. Everyday I used the same loose leaf tea, and the tea tasted better each time. I highly recommend Banatea Company and will purchase from the. Again!
Our responseSo glad you enjoy the pu-erh tea-tasting kit and welcome to the world of pu-erh. Cheers!
average rating 80%
Pu’er Tea Tasting Kit 02/14/2019
By EmilyE
The four samples arrived quickly. The kit included a brief booklet on pu’er teas and instructions. For the price the kit was a delightful addition to our book group’s discussion of Lisa See’s book, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. It is just the tea and instructions. You’ll need your own tea pot(s), etc.
average rating 100%
book club tea tasting kit 01/17/2019
I ordered the book club tea tasting kit and it was a BIG hit! Everyone really enjoyed tasting the 4 types of Pu'er teas as an enrichment to discussing the Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. I am still enjoying the teas as I did save tea leaves in the pots and refrigerated. I am so happy I ordered the kit!
Our responseThank you for taking the time to write a nice review. I am glad you and your book club friends enjoyed the experience.
average rating 100%
Book club Loved It!! 01/22/2024
By Diann McChesney
I ordered this when I hosted our book club after reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. It was a complete success! Everyone was excited to learn about pu’er tea! There was enough tea for the 10 attendees. And the literature provided was SO helpful!! Thank you for making this so easy! And Special!!
Our responseWe are thrilled to hear that your pu-erh tasting was a great success. More importantly, we appreciate you taking the time to share it with us and others who may be thinking about doing a tasting.
average rating 100%
Great Book Club Taster 08/06/2019
We had so much fun trying the different teas. It definitely added to our understanding of the book. I bought one kit and there was more than enough for a tasting of each tea for 8 people. Fun to see how different they all are and the tasting guide was very helpful. Plus it came in a cute bag!
Our responseGald you all enjoyed the experience.
average rating 100%
Wonderful addition for a book club 10/04/2019
By Catherine Cullen-Benson
My book club tried this Tea Tasting Kit during our book club discussion. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. None of us had experienced quality tea like this before. It was such a wonderful education and it really added to our understanding of the book. Thank you so much for putting this together.
Our responseThank you for the nice review and glad you all enjoyed the tea experience.
average rating 100%
Excellent Tea 05/31/2020
By Cynthia Dover
I love trying different types of tea, and this one did not disappoint. I appreciate the provided instructions for brewing and descriptions about the different teas. The packaging was beautiful, and delivery was quick. I recommend trying this tea. I will be buying from this company again.
Our responseThank you for your kind review and the pledged support.
average rating 100%
Book Club Tea Tasting Kit 03/04/2021
By Doris Gallant
The product arrived on time. It came with good brewing directions. It is easy to use. The taste is good. Unfortunately for the book group due to the pandemic we couldn't share the tea as a group. We were able to discuss the book at a zoom meeting, but we were not able to meet in person.
Our responseThank you for your kind review. Let's hope the pandemic will be behind us soon so book clubs can start meeting in-person again.
average rating 100%
Glen Cove Book Club 09/15/2018
By Stephanie Ory
Our book club really enjoyed tasting all of the different teas in the kit. This activity added another demension to the evening. I appreciated the beautiful packaging and detailed descriptions of the four different teas. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Lisa See’s book.
average rating 100%
Enjoyed the kit 07/02/2019
By Carol Duran
We spent a whole afternoon tasting and discussing the teas and the book. The kit is so nicely packaged with enough instructions and information to be helpful but not overwhelming. Such interesting scents and flavors! Loved the mini tea cakes—I’d never seen anything like them.
Our responseGlad all of you had a fun experience tasting and discussing various teas in relation to the book.
average rating 100%
Book club tea tasting 07/27/2018
By Cindy Henry
My book club loved reading this book! I bought the tea kit for our book club meeting and we tasted the teas as we had our discussion. It really enhanced our understanding of the book and was lots of fun! The kit was perfect and the instructions were easy to follow.
average rating 100%
Book Club Tea 01/17/2019
By Linda in Minneapolis
This was so much fun and made our book discussion so much more interesting. It took a full two hours to taste the four teas and kept me busy. The teas were fun to taste just like a wine tasting. I sent leafs home with guests so they could reuse the leafs over again.
average rating 100%
The Book Club Tea Tasting Kit 03/13/2019
By Jeanne Vollmer
Actually, we loved the tea party. It was so much fun. We loved tasting the teas and having the experience. However, I did then experience the teas that were my favorite and I didn’t order them. And I had ordered some I didn’t like. May I do an exchange or a return?
average rating 100%
Great idea! 10/22/2021
By Toni Travalent
Used it with our book club & it was a big hit! Informational to see what was discussed in the book. All had favorite teas & you could definitely tell the difference between the teas. Always fun to learn new things. Well packaged & good directions for brewing.
Our responseThank you. So nice to know your group had a fun time tasting the different teas.
average rating 100%
Wonderful!! 12/07/2018
By Kari Smith
The book club tea tasting kit was a wonderful compliment to our book club discussion. The kit was beautifully packaged and provided 4 distinctly different puerh teas. Everyone enjoyed the experience and are now excited to further explore the world of puerh.
average rating 100%
A Fun Time at Book Group 11/24/2018
By Nancy Justin
I purchased the Book Club Tea Tasting Kit for our book group after reading The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane. It was expensive, but after reading the book, we knew why! It was interesting to try the different kinds of tea. It was a fun experience!
average rating 100%
Great book club addition 03/15/2022
By Nancy S
My book club absolutely loved trying the varieties of Pu-Erh! Such a great addition to our discussion. The tastings put us in the right frame of mind and gave us a better understanding of the attraction to Pu-Erh. The packets served 8 perfectly.
Our responseSo glad to hear that you all had a good time drinking pu-erh. Thanks for letting us know that.
average rating 100%
Fabulous Feature, Added Benefit 07/26/2018
By Khrys Vaughan
This was a wonderful addition to book club and reading Lisa See's book. It definitely complemented my enjoyment of both. Little Bing Daio and the Tuo Cha pu'ehr tea cakes were my favorite. Will be placing an additional order soon.
average rating 100%
The Book Club Tea Tasting Kit 06/01/2018
By Buff Holtman
The ladies (my daughters and d-in-law) loved their tea samples and I love the raw and ripe tea samples that I ordered for myself

The Pu’erh tea from Bana is good so I’ll be ordering more soon.

Buff Holtman
average rating 100%
Book Club Samples 10/15/2018
By Susan Hunt
Everyone at our book club loved the opportunity to try a sample of Pu-erh tea. And everyone thought it was wonderful. We all enjoyed this special experience together.
Thank you for providing this opportunity.
average rating 100%
Mmmm 07/26/2018
By Patricia Phillips
Really enjoyed the tea. My book club tried the various kinds of Pu'er after reading "The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane". I bought the book club package and some for myself, which I am thoroughly enjoying.
average rating 100%
The Book Club Tea Tasting Kit 04/26/2019
By Karen Winstedt
Our book club really enjoyed the tea tasting experience and was about equally divided in preference for the raw vs aged tea. You may be getting more orders from individual members. Thank you.

Our responseGlad to hear you all had fun. Your group is pretty representative of the general population. My experience has the same.
average rating 100%
The Book Club Tea Tasting Kit 07/02/2019
By Karen Winstedt
Our book club really enjoyed the tea tasting experience and was about equally divided in preference for the raw vs aged tea. You may be getting more orders from individual members. Thank you.
average rating 100%
Quick delivery 09/14/2022
By Diana Tucker
Everything came fast and so far tastes great, but I haven’t tried everything yet. They have such a great selection and I love that I can get a little bit of the really expensive ones to try.
Our responseWe are glad you enjoy the teas and the experience. Thank you for taking the time to write the review.
average rating 100%
Great Experience 05/03/2018
By Janet Weeks
It's been exciting to learn about tea and to sample different varieties. Your service is fantastic! I appreciate the samples and will share them with my book club members.
average rating 100%
Tea Tasting 03/13/2019
By Claudia Thompson
Our book club used the kit and enjoyed learning about the teas and sampling them. It added to the book discussion and allowed us to learn more about the processing of tea.
average rating 100%
Added so much to our book club discussion 01/15/2019
By Deborah Gardner
The four teas were distinctly different- fun to read the descriptions and facts about the tea- did discussion did the discussion questions between tastings - fun morning!
Our responseThank you for your review. We appreciate it.
average rating 100%
Book club tea tasting 09/21/2020
By Laurei
What a success!! If you have read The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane the tea tasting kit is a must!! What a difference each tea was. One kit was plenty for 7 people.
Our responseGlad you all enjoyed the experience. Thank you for such a nice review.
average rating 100%
Tea Tasting 04/03/2019
By Barbara Casper
I shared this with my book club and we had a great time tasting the different teas along with a discussion of the book. Perfect way to enjoy both!
average rating 100%
Book. Club tea 08/05/2019
By Lynnae McConaha
This is such a lovely sampler especially after reading The Girl from Hummingbird Lane. It gives a better idea of what the pu-erh tea is about.
Our responseAbsolutely! pu-erh is a tea with diverse flavors. One can only find out by tasting it.
average rating 100%
Yum! 10/15/2019
By Book Group
Our book group had a tea tasting when we discussed The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. The different Pu'er teas, each unique, were enjoyed by all.
Our responseThank you for the nice review. Glad you all enjoyed the teas.
average rating 100%
The Book Club Tea Tasting Kit 05/31/2023
By Ellen
This is a great addition to have while discussing “The Tea Girl on Hummingbird Lane”. Even the usual coffee drinkers got into tea this day.
Our responseSo glad to hear that. Thanks so much for sharing.
average rating 100%
tea 07/14/2019
By Christine Corbit
I have enjoyed the Sweet Clarity tea very much. It is very mild and soothing. I have not tried Book club tea as yet.
thank you

Our responseHave a good book club tea tasting experience.
average rating 100%
Good book, fun tea tasting 02/10/2019
By Daryl Hatch
A nice selection of teas, lovely packaging and good instructions.
My book club loved it!
average rating 100%
Lovely 12/01/2021
By Tina Loman
Excellent service. My order was packaged safely and arrive quickly. Lovely teas.
Our responseThank you for the kind feedback. We appreciate it very much.
average rating 100%
The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane 06/14/2024
By Barbara Paul
The tea was perfect, and so beautifully packaged, especially for our book group.
Our responseGlad our products met your high expectation. We appreciate your kind words.
average rating 100%
Book Club Tea 03/16/2020
By MaryChris Gibbons
The tea is very delicious and refreshing Everyone liked it
Our responseGald to hear that everyone liked it. Thank you for telling us that.
average rating 100%
Delicious 03/10/2019
By Tess T
Loving the teas and the istructions are so so very helpful!
average rating 80%
review # 535 03/16/2020
By lynn clemens