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Tea Tasting Kit for Individuals

The Tea Tasting Kit for Individuals

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• TEAS: 2 premium raw pu-erh teas, 1 ripe pu-erh tea and two miniature ripe pu-erh tea cakes
• A TASTING GUIDE brochure for either a book club or individuals with:
            - Brewing instructions for each tea
            - General tips for brewing a good cup of tea
            - Pu-erh tea facts

The Tea Tasting Kit for Individuals is designed for a single reader or an informal group who wish to experience pu-erh tea as described in the book.  It guides the reader in discovering and comparing different flavors, and detecting tea traits like hui gan and cha qi (tea energy).  Teas can be enjoyed alone or shared with others without a structured meeting.

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Great Kit for Beginners 05/31/2020
By Kelby
This kit was so great, and I highly recommend buying it. I am not normally a tea drinker, and definitely have never had Pu-erh tea. The kit has a lot of information about each of the 4 types of tea, and detailed instructions on how to brew each one. Each tea is completely different, so definitely try all 4, even if you don't like one of them (I found I loved the raw tea, but didn't care for the ripe tea). I also think this was a great value. Each of the 4 packets contains enough for two brews, and each brew can be re-brewed up to 20 times. I found based on the instructions that I did not have a tea pot small enough just for one person. So I ended up brewing in an actual tea cup, an used the mesh part of my bigger tea pot as a filter. Anyway I highly recommend ordering this kit if you are interested in trying Pu-erh tea.
Our responseSo glad you hear you enjoyed the teas even though you are not normally a tea drinker. That's high praise for us.
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Fun after Reading 11/02/2020
By Sheila Adamson
After my friend and I finished reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, this was a great way to share our love for the book and learn more about pu-erh tea. We each got a Tea Tasting Kit and then brewed the same tea and drank as we did FaceTime four different weeks. The four teas were so different and enjoyable. It was interesting to critique them with our own opinions. So fun!!
Our responseSo glad to know you and your friends had a fun time tasting the teas. Thank you so much for submitting such a nice review.
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Tea Tasting Kit 07/26/2019
By M
I ordered the tea tasting kit for The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane to share with my book club. I placed the order a week in advance of the meeting and they arrived well before. And the teas were sublime. I have grown up drinking pu-erh tea but not like the ones in this assortment. Truly wonderful. And the first-time pu-erh tea drinkers in my book club agreed.
Our responseGlad to know your first-time pu-erh drinkers in your book club enjoyed the teas. Thanks for sharing.
average rating 100%
Excellent experience 04/24/2018
By Michal Joyner
I only wish I'd had this the first time I read "Teagirl from Hummingbird Lane". I was so excited that I decided to read the book again. Having the various teas is amazing, and I highly recommend it. I definitely will order y favorite again. Loving the book even more while I actually have the tea. Also, the packaging is very nice.

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The Tea Tasting Kit for Individuals 03/13/2019
By Judy Beckman
ThankYOU. I was so pleased with my package. Nana is a class act. My group tried the 🍵 and had a great time paying attention to the subtle and large differences among the teas. Loved the little tea cake. Will be ordering again. Count on it. Thank you again for your prompt service and your great kindness!