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Bana 7-Tea Variety Pu-erh Tea Sampler

Bana 7-Tea Variety Pu-erh Tea Sampler

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Would you like to try 7 of Bana Tea Company's premium tea master selected Pu-erh teas? Our Tea Sampler Set is a terrific value at only $33 plus shipping. We designed this beautifully packaged Tea Sampler Set to help tea connoisseurs discover the diverse flavors of the Pu-erh teas that Bana offers. A sheer organza sack tied with a satin ribbon contains 7 labeled samples of loose tea chipped off of our Pu-erh tea cakes and bricks. Also included is an insert with descriptions of each tea in the sampler as well as a mini brochure with brewing instructions for best results.

This sampler makes a wonderful gift, especially for the novice Pu-erh enthusiast. The sampler consists of Bana Limited Edition, Denong Red Label, The Taste of Menghai, Sweet Clarity, Sweet Rice Scent Ripe Pu-erh, Lazy Afternoon, and Little Bingdao. Each sample contains 8 grams (.28 oz) of tea leaves for a total of 2 oz.

for all 7 teas

Click on the title below for more information on each tea in the Bana Variety Sampler:

Bana Tea Company Limited Edition Raw Pu-erh( Raw pu-erh - 2008 vintage)
Produced from ancient 100-400-year-old tea trees, this tea presents a crisp freshness with a delicate dried apricot flavor.

Denong Red Label (Ripe pu-erh - 2004 vintage)
Broken from cakes, this tea has been aged in Kunming, Yunnan for over a decade. The word to describe this tea is delicious – clean, savory, and sweet.

The Taste of Menghai (Ripe pu-erh - 2018 vintage)
This tea is flavorful and bold and has a nice sweet finish. In time, this tea is expected to become mellow but savory.

Sweet Clarity (Raw pu-erh - 2016 vintage)
This tea offers a rich mouthfeel and a quick and long-lasting "hui gan" (return sweetness). Enjoy the fragrance and briskness of this young raw pu-erh. 

Sweet Rice Scent Ripe Pu-erh (Ripe pu-erh - 2016 vintage)
A unique plant indigenous to Yunnan called "Sweet Rice Leaf" was added during the production of this ripe pu-erh, thus imparting a warming and sweet rice scent to this tea.

Lazy Afternoon (Raw pu-erh - 2022 vintage)
The cooling and mouth-watering sensations of this tea imbue one with a lazy and relaxing feeling. This tea possesses excellent texture, aroma, body, and durability.

Little Bingdao (Raw pu-erh - 2017 vintage)
The aroma of this tea is elegant and it finishes with a nice floral fragrance, which can be delightfully savored.

* Teas selected for this sampler are subject to change without prior notice.

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Customer Comments:

average rating 100%
Beginner Fine Tea Drinker 02/16/2020
By Teresa Raque
The sampler was a perfect beginner's pack as it introduced me to 7 different teas at a reasonable price. At $27 it would also make a nice gift. You get about 2 servings per tea (14 servings) but something I didn't know you can get up to 10 brews per serving!! The Raw seems lighter in color and taste than the Ripe but I enjoyed them all. I boiled water on the stove, used thermometer to get correct water temp. I tried it with mountain water but our local water is very good so I noted no difference. Other locals may not have as good as tap water so.....spring/mountain water. I will order again from this company as I believe it can be trusted. I found the company recommended at the end of the book "The Tea Girl From Hummingbird Lane" by Lisa See. If this author suggested it I thought it must be reputable b/c like most Americans we are skeptical of the quality and safety of Chinese digestible. I take the time out to relax and enjoy the tea-this is the best way-savor and relax.
Our responseThank you so much for your nice review - we appreciate it. We are so glad to hear you enjoyed the teas and that you take time out to relax and savor tea.
average rating 100%
Nice Variety of Pu-erh 06/21/2020
By Dennis Li
Received the package as displayed on Bana website. The sampler would make a nice gift as it is carefully packed, handy informative brochure, descriptive list of pu-erh tea therein, all held by a lovely sack sealed with a ribbon. You can make 2 servings of each tea to test the flavor, before purchasing more or if a newbie to acquaint what pu-erh is all about. My favorite teas were the Bana Tea Company Limited Edition, The Taste of Menghai, Bulang Old Tree and Sweet Clarity. After tasting the teas from the Sampler, bought more of the Limited Edition. After tryng a second time, the tea was sweet, have diffferent flavor notes and mild. Can drink all day.
Our responseThank you so much for the nice and detailed review. We truly appreciate it.
average rating 100%
Outstanding introduction to pu-erh tea! 05/13/2021
By Walter E.
I am new to the world of pu-erh tea and gong fu brewing. This sampler was the perfect way for me to start my journey, as it is well-curated and covers a broad range of types of pu-erh. Different as they are from one another, I loved every tea in the sampler. (On each tea's web page, Linda Louie includes recommended temperatures, rinse times, and times for each brewing. I found all of this extremely helpful in bringing out the best of each tea.) The sampler is well worth the cost, and I look forward to purchasing larger quantities of some of these teas.

Our responseThank you so much for the kind words and welcome to the world of pu-erh. May you continue to have a lot of fun exploring the varied flavors pu-erh tea offers.
average rating 100%
Delighted with the Pu-erh Tea Sampler 02/04/2020
By Ilene Winokur
I read about the Bana Tea Company when I read the Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane for my book club. I decided to order the sampler, so we could experience the tea we read about in the book. I loved how each of the sample teas is labeled with type and date. It was also helpful to have the small guidebooks that are sent with the tea. After book club, my husband and I tried one of the teas. It's amazing that you can use the leaves multple times and the flavor is still excellent! I am very satisfied and look forward to tasting other teas from the sampler.
Our responseSo glad to hear that you enjoyed the pu-erh sampler. Welcome to the world of pu-erh - it is a fun journey.
average rating 100%
First Pu-erh experience 03/13/2019
By Barbara Mofield
This is a perfect and affordable introduction to pu-erh tea. I was able to sample a variety of teas and discover that I enjoy the deep,earthy flavor of ripe pu-erh - smooth, complex and lingering without a hint of bitterness. I was also pleased with how quickly I received my order.
The only slightly confusing thing is that the samples are 8 grams, but the brewing instructions are for 5 grams of tea.
I use 9 oz or about 250 ml of water to brew each packet of tea and I'm a happy sipper.
Thanks, Bana!
average rating 100%
Well worth it! 02/08/2021
By Laurie D
After reading the "Girl on Hummingbird Lane," I was curious to try some different types of puer tea. I selected this option so we could try both the raw and ripe types. So far we have tried 4 and I can say they are all somewhat unique and definitely tastier than what we usually drink. I am making notes (e.g. mild, fruity, smokey) and will definitely place another order. I feel good knowing that we are supporting an artisan product and preserving a way of life for many communities that need to be protected.
Our responseGlad you are having fun tasting the different pu-erh tea in this sampler. Thank you for supporting the artisans and pu-erh farming communities in Yunnan.
average rating 100%
Fantastic Sampler 08/10/2020
By Mary Jo Serrino
Everything from the quick shipping to the lovely presentation to the actual teas was absolutely fantastic -it was like receiving a gift instead of shipment! I tend to enjoy raw pu-erh more than ripe, but I took a chance with the sampler and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the ripe teas and especially appreciated the variety of intensities and flavors. The descriptions on the site do accurately reflect the teas and are very helpful in deciding among the awesome teas available.
Our responseThank you so much for the nice review and your kind words about our teas.
average rating 100%
surprised 09/13/2018
By elizabeth MELLER
i am in the process of sampling the teas. I have been drinking Pu'erh for many years but I just bought the variety that was in the tea store. Now I am savoring each sample and totally surprised at my different tastes. Some just tastes like regular green tea to me but I am also learning not to let it steep too long.
In short, I am enjoying my education process and hope to be in a position to order my tea from you properly in the future.
average rating 100%
Outstanding 11/14/2018
By Melissa Karthauser
On my first order, I ordered one of your least expensive cakes and was completely overwhelmed by the outstanding quality and taste. This time, I ordered another more expensive cake, some mini cakes for travel, some loose green tea, and a sampler set for a gift. The one problem with your tea is that all other teas now taste inferior. I had never heard of Pu-erh tea before but now I can't live without it. Thank you for your excellent brand!
Our responseThank you so much for the high praise. We will continue to work hard to bring the best teas we can find to our esteemed customers.
average rating 60%
what do I do now? 09/13/2018
By Mary Neff
I must have misread the description, I knew the 7 tea samples would be all together in an organza bag but I also expected the individual loose tea samples to then each be in an organza or silk bag so rather than having to remove the loose tea & put them in an infuser & then into hot water, I could just "dunk" the silk tea bag in the hot water - so now I'm stuck with the loose tea & not sure how to use it - any suggestions?? Thank you.
Our responseHi Mary, There are make-it-yourself teabags you can buy from teashops or on-line tea shops.The one I recommend is from teapockets.com http://www.teapockets.com/ Put half of the tea leaves contained in a sample envelope and put them an empty teabag. Pour hot water and steep according to the instructions.
average rating 100%
Amazing experience 08/12/2020
By Karen H.
I am new to drinking Pu-erh tea and needed advice. I reached out to Bana Tea and received great advice. I ordered the Bana 7-Tea Variety Pu-erh Tea Sampler and I am working my way through the delicious teas.

I also watched the video on how to brew Pu-erh tea, and that was quite helpful.

I would not order Pu-erh from any where else!

I also ordered the Piao teapot for my husband, which he loves!

Our responseThank you so much for your support. I appreciate your feedback. Happy drinking!
average rating 100%
Pu-erh Tea Sampler 01/14/2021
By Robert Ewing
We love it! My brother is a big fan of your tea and encouraged us to give it a shot. It's delicious. And we appreciate how it helps to slow us down and be present together. For instance, we now include it in a weekly ritual to start our weekend: 10 steeps, each with a cheers to corresponding cheers to a life category. 10 categories in total. We cheers give a chance to reflect & chat about each category. It's quite fun.
Our responseWhat a wonderful idea! Glad the teas were able to be the medium for your weekly ritual.
average rating 100%
A Great Value 07/26/2019
By Marcia Baker
I've tried only 3 of the 7 samples received. It will take me
a year to get through all the tea in the samples, because I've gotten two and three cups from each of the samples I've tried, and still have leaves left over for more brewing. I've enjoyed the three, each for different characteristics. I haven't picked a favorite yet, but I'll let you know when I do. This is indeed a great value!

Our responseWe all get spoiled of how many steeping we get out of pu-erh tea. :)
average rating 100%
Three purchases 01/31/2022
By Warren Treacher
All of my purchases have been extremely timely and professionally handled. The teas I have purchased are fun, unique and excellent in flavor (although some fermented and ripe teas take some getting used to!).
The old tree, and enchanted euphoria are my faves so far!
I would highly recommend Bana Tea for any tea enthusiast and will continue to order from them!

Our responseThank you so very much for the high marks and kind words - we truly appreciate it.
average rating 100%
Pu-erh Tea 09/28/2018
By Evelyn Gephart
I love the tea and drink it every day, all day long. I like that you can seep the tea leaves several times. I had thought Harney's Hot Cinnamon Tea would be my favorite forever. I will definitely be ordering more from Banatea. I understand that you and Lisa See will be skyping with our book club Nov. 12. I had never heard pf Pu-erh tea until reading her book.
average rating 100%
WONDERFUL 07/10/2024
By Gale Kaye
I bought 2 of these sets, one for my husband and I to try the various puerh teas and another for a friend who is also interested in them. This is the best way to sample so many teas, both the raw and ripe puerh teas. We are all looking forward to our new-found interest in a very inexpensive way, based upon the total number of cups of tea we get to enjoy.
Our responseWelcome to the world of pu-erh tea! Your journey will be interesting and fulfilling. Thank you for your review of the variety sampler.
average rating 80%
Excellent introduction to pu-erh 07/03/2023
By LizD
I enjoyed this tea sampler. I am new to pu-erh tea and I felt this sampler did an excellent job of helping me determine which kind of pu-erh I like. I also realized I do not like ripe pu-erh but the quality of all the samples was excellent. If you are looking for a way to try out pu-erh tea, this is an excellent sampler to begin your tea journey!
Our responseThank you for your nice and candid review. Your review will be very helpful for pu-erh beginners.
average rating 80%
Excellent sample so far. 05/22/2020
By David Weiss
As part of a recent order I decided to try a 7 tea Puer-eh sampler. The first tea in the sample that I tried was Golden Needles White Lotus. This was an excellent Puer-eh tea, dark, smooth, but very tasty. I will (eventually) buy more of it. I have not yet tried any other of the teas in the sample, but am looking forward to it.
Our responseWe hope you like the rest of the samples in the sampler pack.
average rating 100%
Love it! 09/14/2021
By Maria Ballmer
After reading Lisa See's The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, I had to get Pu-erh tea! I am so thankful for Ms. See noting Bana Tea Company in her book acknowledgements. The tea sampler is a perfect way to try a variety of teas to narrow my next order. I highly recommend following the brew instructions - easy peasy and relaxing.
Our responseThank you for your nice review.
average rating 100%
fun 04/02/2021
By Elaine Sheets
I had purchased the "Island of Sea Women" packages for our Book Zoom with Lisa See. Everyone was delighted with the selections. I enjoyed the Barley tea so much that I purchased more! I also am giving the sampler to a friend for her retirement gift - as well as "Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane". No review for that one just yet.
Our responseHope your friend enjoys the pu-erh sampler.
average rating 100%
Tea to thrive! 01/15/2019
By Patricia Popp
Am loving my tea sampler and the way it has encouraged me to slow down and drink healthily. Reading about the health benefits of pu’er tea motivated me to order and I have not been disappointed. Just taking time to brew properly has made me feel healthier! It is delicious and highly recommend it.
Our responseThank you for your kind review. Tea drinking is a part of a healthy lifestyle.
average rating 100%
New to Pu-erh 10/15/2018
By Ann Godbolt
Your tea is sublime. I purchased the Tea Sampler and I am slowly enjoying each variety, whether drinking alone or sharing with a friend. I am new to the pu-erh tea and appreciated the directions on brewing and the description of the different teas. Thank you for such a high quality tea.
average rating 100%
Just as promised 10/04/2019
By Holly Barber
My sampler package arrived promptly and beautifully packaged. The information and directions regarding pu-erh were both interesting and helpful. Sample sizes are not large, but provide a good opportunity for a novice to conduct taste tests to learn about varietal differences.
Our responseGlad the sampler provided the opportunity to sample the different varieties of pu-erh.
average rating 100%
TEA GIRL GIFT 11/17/2018
I don't have a review as the items as the items I purchased are Christmas gifts. I appreciated the quick delivery because I need to mail gifts and the gift sample for me. Pu-erhnTea going with "The Tea Girl of Humming Bird Lane". Great read to introduce the tea.
average rating 100%
Best Pu-erh ever! 04/26/2024
By Helen Ochs
First of all, shipping was extremely fast and my tea sampler was so beautifully packaged, so shout-out for that. Second, I've tried Pu-erh tea before and thought maybe it wasn't my thing, but the tea in this sampler has completely changed my mind.
Our responseThanks for the review. We are so glad to hear that the pu-erh sampler changed your impression about pu-erh tea. :)
average rating 100%
Excellent Tea 08/05/2019
By Misti B
The variety pack is excellent. Each sample provides several cups of tea. It is nice to be able to sample so many. I have tried 3 out of 7 so far and they are all of high quality with a smooth taste and finish.
Our responseThank you for your kind review. Hope you will continue to enjoy the rest of the sample packets.
average rating 100%
Pleasant Surprise 11/08/2018
By Janet M Weeks
I have learned much from the information you sent. I have a pot of tea leaves in my refrigerator! It amazes me that I can reuse them so many times. Thanks for an interesting, delicious, and fragrant experience!
average rating 100%
Fun Sample Package 11/13/2018
By mary koetting
I have tried 3 of the teas so far and am enjoying them. It's nice because you can use the leaves over and over and get a different tea each time.

Everything is labeled, which is good, and nicely packaged.
average rating 100%
What an Intro!! 03/03/2020
By Lois Kerr
Wonderful introduction to the world of Pu-erh teas. I have enjoyed sampling and savoring everyone. I don't know whether to buy my favorites or buy another of these samplers and enjoy them all again . What a treat!
Our responseGlad the teas met your expectations. Thank you for the kind feedback.
average rating 100%
Sealed the Deal 03/27/2018
By T.P.
I just wanted to say thanks for the great Pu-erhs. I thoroughly enjoyed every tea in the tea sampler I bought. The lovely, caring presentation and thorough info sheets that came with it just sealed the deal.
average rating 80%
non tea lover 01/27/2021
By Renee Kahn
I don't particularly like tea but after reading Lisa See's book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, I got curious about pu'er tea so I bought some. Surprise, surprise, I loved it. So now I am a tea drinker.
Our responseYay! That is so nice. Welcome to the world of tea!
average rating 100%
Real Tea from China 12/12/2023
By Nancy Rakoczy
I'm going to guess that this, or tea similar to Bana's is the tea they fought over at the Boston Tea Party. It's in its own class. Throw out everything else from your cabinet. This is the real thing.
Our responseWow! What a review! Thank you for the high praise and it speaks volume!
average rating 100%
Sampler 01/17/2019
By Nancy
We’re enjoying the different teas but unsure of two things: 1. Is each packet one infusion in an Xishing pot, and 2. Booklet says to leave tea leaves in pot after brewing, but not sure for how long.
Our responseDepending on how large your Xishing pot is, you can use the entire packet of leaves for one serving or you can divide the 8g of leaves into two servings. You can leave the wet leaves in the pot for up to a few days.
average rating 100%
Love it 01/29/2020
By Mc
Love the little pot use every day. May order the larger one also. Have just tried the one tea so far . Very impressed no bitter after taste. Would order again for sure. Thanks for a great product.
Our responseGlad you are happy with your order.
average rating 100%
Wide Range 01/31/2024
By Elias
This sampler was a great purchase! I got to broaden my tastes and learn a bit more about what I liked. The guidebook was helpful to let me know what I was tasting and learn as I sipped :)
Our responseGood to know the sampler gave you the opportunity to sample and learn about different pu-erh teas.
average rating 100%
Pu-erh Teas 05/21/2020
By Judy
I am addicted! I love the subtle flavors of Bana pu-erh teas. I drink it all day long. I like that I can reuse the leaves a number of times and it is still flavorful.

Our responseTea addiction is a good addiction. :)
average rating 100%
Find your Favorites 02/08/2021
By Eve Ridge
Cups of taste without the commitment; this is great for my budget and panty planning. I really enjoyed all the samples. They are well packaged with a taste profile included.
Our responseContemplating which tea to try is a fun exercise. Glad you like it.
average rating 100%
WOW! 06/10/2020
By Nancy A. Kelly
Bought this as a surprise anniversary gift for my husband who loves teas. It was perfect!
The sampler was just right for us and we will probably be buying more!

Our responseGlad to hear that. Thank you for the nice review.
average rating 100%
Great variety pack 01/31/2019
By Jane Fung
You really get to try quite a few teas in this sampler pack. And it comes with a really information little booklet on the teas you're sampling. Highly recommend!
average rating 100%
Lovely! 09/06/2021
By Melanie Cofrin
Brought to book club, this sampler is perfect for sharing. We all enjoyed the experience and the different flavors were perfect for the uninitiated.
Our responseGlad you all enjoyed the experience. Thank you.
average rating 100%
Love it 03/10/2019
By Tess T
Wonderful tea. Brilliant presentation of the Book Club kit and the instructions are very helpful! Quick shipping. Will be buying again, I’m sure.
average rating 100%
Wonderful 11/26/2018
By Fredrica Skov
A whole new world of tea. I read about the purah teas in Lisa See's book, and gave it a try. It is great. Fun to sample the various teas.
average rating 100%
Love the variety 10/29/2019
By Donna
It is great fun to taste the various selections of tea. I'm really enjoying the flavors and find the tea to be relaxing! Thank you!
Our responseThanks for telling us your feedback. It is much appreciated.
average rating 100%
Great Tea 05/21/2020
By Glenn A.
The Bana 7-Tea Variety Pu-erh Tea Sampler is wonderful. Nice variety, and the seller was easy to buy from. Highly recommended.
Our responseThank you -- we appreciate your kind words.
average rating 100%
Great tea 10/15/2018
By LoWash
I heard a lot about pu’er. This does not disappoint. I love the flavor and amount of tea I can make from one sample size.
average rating 100%
Great! 01/16/2019
By jill rosiles
After buying many of these samplers to give as gifts, I finally bought one for myself. Very happy with the tea!
average rating 100%
Great Gift 05/07/2018
By Jill Rosiles
I bought this sampler along with the book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane as a gift. It was well received!
average rating 100%
Would buy again 12/26/2023
By Maya
The tea was beautifully packaged and arrived much quicker than I expected.
Our responseThank you for your kind words. We look forward to hear from you again.
average rating 100%
Love the tea. 03/15/2019
Love the tea pot and the teas. See my comments above.

average rating 100%
perfect 04/23/2018
By Maura Price
Great introduction to pu'er tea:)
average rating 100%
Nice variety 07/14/2020
By Susan Hammock
Would recommend. Nice variety
Our responseGlad you had the chance to discover pu-erh through this sampler
average rating 100%
Customer 02/27/2019
By Susan Koebel
Excellent tea samples