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Raw Pu-erh Sampler

Raw Pu-erh Sampler

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We've selected 7 of Bana Tea Company's premium raw Pu-erh teas for this set. They range from lively to mellow, from exotic to personal favorites. Our Raw Pu-erh Tea Sampler is a terrific value at only $33.00 plus shipping. We designed this beautifully packaged set to help tea connoisseurs discover the diverse flavors of Bana's raw Pu-erh teas.

The packaging is suitable to present as a gift with a sheer organza sack tied with a satin ribbon. Also included in the sack is a mini brochure with descriptions of each tea as well as brewing instructions for the best results. This sampler makes a great gift, especially coupled with one of our brewing accessories. The sampler includes Bana Tea Company Limited Edition, Mengsong Autumn, 2016 Commemorative Raw Pu-erh, Jinggu Bulang Raw Pu-erh, Blank Label Select Raw Pu-erh, Mengsong Spring, and Little Bingdao. For more information, see individual tea descriptions below. The 7 labeled samples of tea are chipped off of our Pu-erh tea cakes or are already loose leaf. Each sample is 8 grams of tea (.28 oz) for a total of 56 grams of tea (2 oz).

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Click on the title below for more information on each tea in the Bana Raw Pu-erh Sampler:

Bana Tea Company Limited Edition (Raw pu-erh - 2008 vintage)
Produced from ancient 100 to 400-year-old tea trees, this tea presents a crisp freshness with a delicate dried apricot flavor.

Mengsong Autumn (Raw pu-erh - 2017 vintage)
Specially pressed for Bana Tea from friend Xiao Cao's family tea garden, this autumn tea is mellow and subtle with a nice finish.

2016 Commemorative Raw Pu-erh (Raw pu-erh - 2016 vintage)
Made with early spring leaves from arbor trees, this tea is full-bodied, well-balanced, and smooth. 

Jinggu Bulang Raw Pu-erh (2010 vintage)
The tea offers a strong mouthfeel that coats your mouth, yet finishes with a soft rosé and apricot aroma. This tea is SGS certified for having no pesticide residues.

Mengsong Spring (2018 vintage)
Brisk, sweet, full-bodied, and possessing a long savory aftertaste, this tea has all the good qualities of a raw pu-erh. A great morning tea. 

Blank Label Select (Raw - 2004 vintage)
Steeped to a golden hue, this tea reveals a complex flavor and rich mouthfeel. A good value tea for daily consumption. 

Little Bingdao (2017 vintage)
The aroma of this tea is elegant and it finishes with a nice floral fragrance, which can be delightfully savored.

* Teas selected for this sampler are subject to change without prior notice.

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Great Sampler Pack for Finding Raw Pu'er Teas That You Like 05/22/2021
By Sara K.
I spent over a month sampling these teas at my own pace. My obvious favorite is the Bana Limited Edition 2008, it really opened my eyes (tastebuds?) to what raw pu'er can be (note: I'm new to pu'er teas in general). I also liked the Jinggu Bulang, Mengsong Spring, and the Mengsong Autumn, especially the Mengsong Autumn. The Little Bingdao 2017 reminded me of the flavor of tea brewed from camellia japonica (a species closely related to camellia sinensis). I was disappointed by the Speechless Eurphoria the first time, but liked it better the second time, so it's a good thing this sampler pack has 8g of each type, enough for two separate tastings. The Blank Label 2004 is okay, but I'll probably never buy it. In addition to this sampler, Bana added a few other complimentary tea samples, so that was a nice bonus.
Our responseThank you so much for the thoughtful review. The idea of the sampler is to allow you to sample and compare each tea in different settings over time.
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Open my eyes 12/26/2019
By Newby White Guy
Went to a festival to open my eyes to Rae Pr-erh. Came away wishing to try so many different ones. One of them was the banh collection. Great mix of old and new. Strong and not so strong. Fruity and earthy. F Good spectrum to taste. My top three were Bana limited edition 2008, Handsome spring leaf and Speechless Euphoria Raw Pu-erh Tea 2015. Good introductory collection
Our responseThank you for visiting our booth at the tea festival. Hope to see you again next year.
average rating 100%
Highlight of the Spring 05/21/2020
By Polly Lehtonen
After reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, we had to try Pu-erh. I ordered 3 sampler packs and we are slowly savoring each sample, taking notes and identifying the flavor subtleties of each one. Once we settle on a few favorites, we will re-order those. The packaging is beautiful. This has been a great experience from the otherwise dreary months of quarantine.
Our responseThank you for your kind words and we are glad to hear you are having a great experience.
average rating 100%
Satisfying 09/12/2019
By Joan Powers
I bought the raw sampler along with the ripe pu'er.
The samples included in the variety pack are really good.
It's hard to make a determination as to which tea I would like to buy more of. Again, I might have to order the samlers again. Wonderful variety and flavors.

Our responseTake your time to try and really understand this tea.
average rating 100%
Wonderful tea source 02/25/2022
By Laurie Treacher
We love Bana Tea Company—orders are shipped so quickly and accurately. The teas are delicious. If you are looking for a variety of genuine pu’er teas, Bana is absolutely THE place to shop. Fast, reliable and genuine.
Our responseThank you for your high praise. We truly appreciate it.
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Intro to Pu-erh tea 10/29/2018
By Judith Pasco
After reading "The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane", I was inspired to try this tea. The sampler pack was perfect for that and I am enjoying making my way through the various teas.
average rating 100%
So delicious! 04/03/2019
By Elisabeth Seldes
I loved this sampler! Each flavor was so different - it was the perfect way to expose myself to the many varied types of raw and ripe Pu-erh teas!
average rating 100%
Great Gift 05/07/2018
By Jill Rosiles
I bought this sampler along with the book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane as a gift. It was well received!
average rating 100%
Outstanding! 05/14/2021
By Carol Rizzolo
Reliably outstanding!
Our responseThank you for the high mark.