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Raw Pu-erh Sampler

Raw Pu-erh Sampler

We've selected 7 of Bana Tea Company's premium raw Pu-erh teas for this set. They range from lively to mellow, from exotic to personal favorites. Our Raw Pu-erh Tea Sampler is a terrific value at only $23.00 plus shipping. We designed this beautifully packaged set to help tea connoisseurs discover the diverse flavors of Bana's raw Pu-erh teas.

Packaging is suitable to present as a gift with a sheer organza sack tied with a satin ribbon. Also included in the sack is a mini brochure with descriptions on each tea as well as brewing instructions for best results. This sampler makes a great gift, especially coupled with one of our brewing accessories or a Gift Certificate. The sampler includes Bana Tea Company Limited Edition, Bulang Raw Pu-erh, Enchanting Beauty, Jinggu Bulang Raw Pu-erh, Mensung Secret Garden, Red Label Iron Discus, and Treasures from Five Mountains. For more information, see individual tea descriptions below. The 7 labeled samples of tea are chipped off of our Pu-erh tea cakes or are already loose leaf. Each sample is 8 grams of tea (.28 oz) for a total of 56 grams of tea (2 oz).
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Click on a title below for more information on each tea in the Bana Raw Pu-erh Sampler:

Bana Tea Company Limited Edition (2008 vintage)
Produced from ancient 100 to 400-year-old tea trees, this tea presents a crisp freshness with a delicate dried apricot flavor.

Bulang Raw Pu-erh (2015 vintage)
This young raw Pu-erh offers a smooth, medium-body, and slightly grassy flavor. It is a great tea for the morning to get you ready for the day.

Enchanting Beauty(2015 vintage)
Soft and silky, this tea offers bamboo and ginger flower flavors. It leaves a natural and refreshing sensation in your mouth and throat.

Jinggu Bulang Raw Pu-erh (2010 vintage)
The tea offers a strong mouth feel that coats your mouth, yet finishes with a soft rosé and apricot aroma. This tea is SGS certified for having no pesticide residues.

Mensung Secret Garden (2013 vintage)
Soft and flavorful, this tea exudes a strong “hui gan” that cools the back end of your mouth for an extended periods of time.

Red Label Iron Discus (2015 vintage)
This tea is full-bodied, vigorous, balanced, and possesses the unique Menghai characteristics. This cake is expected to be a prized collective item in the future.

Treasures from Five Mountains(2011 vintage)
This blend of leaves from five different tea mountains in the Lincang area is a harmonious brew with complimentary layers of flavors.