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Book Club Tea Tasting Kit - Korean

The Tea and Snack Tasting Kit for The Island of Sea Women

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     TEAS: 3 tisanes (herbal teas)     

  • "Reminiscence" Persimmon Leaf Tisane
  • "Sweet Indulgence" Hydrangea Leaf Tisane
  • Organic Barley Tea

     SNACKS: 2 packages of individually wrapped snacks

  • 10 sweet Rice Medicinal Cookie
  • 10 Jeju Orange Candy


A Book Club Tea and Snack Tasting Guide describing the origin and background of each Korean herbal tea and the snacks

  • Brewing instructions for each herbal tea
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Customer Comments:

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Yvonne Makl, Bemus Point, NY 02/20/2020
By Yvonne Makl
Serving the Tea and Snack Kit for our "The Island of the Sea Women" book discussion was perfect! One of our group brought her mother's 'handed down' tea cup collection and 3 lovely ceramic tea pots. Highly recommend 3 tea pots for the 3 teas. The Korean teas were delicious and distinctively different. The inclusion of the detailed descriptions card was an added plus to our overall Korean tea and snack tasting expereince. Thank you, Bana Tea Company!

Our responseThank you for the nice review. We are glad you and your group enjoyed the tea, snacks and the experience.
average rating 100%
Very good tea and snacks 09/12/2019
By Emily Blakowski
Both the tea and the snacks were delicious, especially the hydrangea one! The kits were well organized and researched. The only thing that I would complain about is that I only had one heat-proof vessel, so I couldn't make all the teas at the same time.
Our responseIf you have another tasting again, the barley tea can be served iced. It is very delicious and refreshing.
average rating 80%
The Island of Sea Women 07/02/2019
By Helen E. Schuster, LCSW
We had fun with the tea and snack tasting kit at Book Club.The persimmon tea and orange candies were very good —the rest not so much —might be better to have the one tea and a better snack. The preparation of three teas becomes a logistical problem.
Our responseThank you for your feedback. Your comments are very helpful for us to improve our products.