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Genmaicha Green Tea 100g
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Taiping Houkui (Peaceful Monkey Leader) Green Tea

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Weight: 28 grams (1 oz)
Type: Green Tea - loose leaf
Production area: Monkey Hollow Village, Anhui Province, China

Taiping Houkui differs from most green tea leaves which tend to be small and tender. This tea has large vibrant leaves that are around 2.5 inches long. The large leaves, which appearance is very unique, take 40 days to grow and they are not picked until mid-April, later than most green teas. After the initial drying, two straight leaves clasping the bud, known as "two knives and one pole" are lined individually on a mesh board. The leaves are then pressed flat with rollers and then baked dry.

We are very pleased to offer this authentic Taiping Houkui From the Monkey Hollow Village of Taiping County in Anhui Province. Because of the pristine environment, unique climate and sandy soil with rich minerals in which it was grown, the tea is elegant and velvety with a distinct orchid and violet fragrance. This tea is so pleasant to drink that you will want to come back for more.

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for 28 grams (1 oz) loose leaf

Place 5 leaves in a 6 oz. glass. Pour 175 degree F water (preferably spring water). Wait one minute and enjoy. Add more hot water in the glass for additional steepings until the flavor becomes too weak.


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average rating 100%
great green tea 07/13/2021
By Frank Nelson
I am not a huge green tea drinker, but this one is great. I am so glad I purchased it. If it is offered again after I finish this box I would certainly get it again.
Our responseSo glad to hear you liked this green tea. It is definitely one of my top picks.