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Speechless Euphoria Raw Pu-erh Tea

2015 vintage - spring harvest

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Type: Raw Pu-erh (unfermented)
Grade: Premium
Production area: Da Xueshan, Lincang County, Yunnan Province

It has been said that “good teas can intoxicate its devotees.” The best teas come from trees that grow in pristine and remote high mountains. These exquisite teas provide you with a feeling of being settled and refresh, heightening your senses to nature’s tranquility and beauty.

Speechless Euphoria is selected from old-growth tea trees nestled in the deep forests of Yunnan’s high mountains. It is lush, velvety, full-bodied with a rich lotus scent. This tea will infuse you with palpable energy (Cha Qi) and surprise you with its distinct tea quality.

Available in an individual cake or a twin-pack.

Speechless Euphoria Raw Pu-erh Tea - 100 gram cake $62.00 Speechless Euphoria Raw Pu-erh Tea - Twin Pack (two 100 gram cakes) $124.00

Use 5g of leaves per 6 ounces of water. Rinse the leaves once with hot water (200 degree F) and discard the water. Start steeping with water at 200 F and brew according to the recommended steeping time below.


1 sec.
1st BREW
10 sec.
2nd BREW
10 sec.
3rd BREW
15 sec.
4th BREW
20 sec.
5th BREW
30 sec.
6th BREW
40 sec.
7th BREW
50 sec.
8th BREW
1 min.
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Customer Comments:

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Phenomenal 12/09/2021
By James Valenta
This is my first experience with a full, wrapped pu-ehr cake. It's a beautiful sensory experience from start to finish. The texture and aroma of the cake, the gorgeous golden color of the tea, and the joy of watching beautiful, green leaves unfurl.

I would describe this tea as light and bright. Steeped for 20 seconds, there's a subtle earthy base that lifts to an airy neutral that leaves the pallette as quickly as it arrived, leaving almost no lingering flavor.

I'm looking forward to spending an entire morning with a pot of this tea, and discovering what it's 10th cup has to offer!

Our responseThanks for the beautiful description of your tea experience with this tea.
average rating 100%
A happy customer 03/15/2022
By James Hicks
I am very happy and impressed with your customer service. You answer my questions promptly. Your shipping via USPS is expedited quickly. The teas I've purchased (and the samples) are delicious and very enjoyable. I am certain my life is better.
With that said, I have not tried all of the teas I've purchased. I do not want to review teas I have not tasted. I am certain I will buy more. I've been traveling. The mini tuo cha were perfect for my travel the last 3 weeks.
Thank you Linda. I'll be in touch.

Our responseThank you for the kind words. Yes, we'll be in touch.
average rating 100%
Great raw pu-erh 02/22/2022
By robert zanella
Recently purchased the 100 gram cake of euphoria raw pu-erh tea. I like the light golden color after a few infusions. The taste is great for an all day tea. Never over powering, light on the tongue, not very astringent or bitter. A nice beginners tea for someone just entering the real tea world. I’ll be visiting banatea site for more great selections.
Our responseSo glad you enjoyed this tea. Look forward to you trying the varied flavors different pu-erh teas offer.
average rating 100%
Great tea 09/13/2019
By ann wade
This was my first purchase of puerh tea after learning about the history of this amazing drink . I love the instructions which came with it about ways to try this tea . The flavor was wonderful and changed with each steeping . I wanted to feel the piers tingle and speechless euphoria delivered . Never had anything like it before .
Our responseSo happy to earn your high prise!
average rating 100%
Spiritual Cha Qi 10/05/2022
By Ken Goodman
I'm an avid pu-erh drinker (who drinks tea while creative writing) & what's of utmost important to me is: Cha Qi,
that magical "high" that (unlike other substances) is actually good for your health! No question about it:
Speechless Euphoria delivers a truly excellent (I would say) spiritual Cha Qi.

Our responseI am so glad this tea met your high expectations. Your review is helpful for other pu-erh drinkers who are looking for the same experience you were looking for.
average rating 100%
Super pleasant 04/04/2022
By seth berg
I was surprised by the high quality of this tea for such a reasonable price. I have happily paid $5/gram for vintage teas, and this is $62 for 100 grams, so it's a great bargain. The tea is light and not bitter. The tannins have smoothed out and it has a lovely flavor. Highly recommended.
Our responseThank you, Seth. That's very high praise coming from you. Glad you like this tea so much.
average rating 100%
Easy drinking but flavorful 12/26/2019
By Newby White guy
An agreed upon tea. Wife Likes. I like. Had in a Gaiwan. Had western style. I could drink this one often and be content and happy. Hard to make bitter. Finish is light by not quite honey, but close. This is tea to make people happy without being fussy but excellent. Nice balance.
Our responseThank you for your wonderful comments.
average rating 100%
Excellent tea 06/10/2020
By sara lang
This tea is very smooth and energizing, mild flavored, warming and beautiful in it's cake form. This tea was delivered promptly, excellent customer service and follow up. I'm very happy and will recommend and order again. You are my go to now for high quality Pu-ehr tea. Thank you!
Our responseWe are honored to be your go-to tea vendor for pu-erh tea.
average rating 100%
My favorite 12/16/2021
By Alicia M.
I could drink this tea all day. The smooth mouth feel at the first taste leads to a big hug as it envelopes your body and relaxes your mind. I enjoy trying all of the wonderful teas that Bana Tea Company has to offer, but this one is my favorite.
Our responseThank you so much for the glowing review of this tea and our company. Getting feedback like yours is the reason for us to work hard and bring more good teas to our customers.
average rating 100%
Speechless 01/13/2021
By Michael Mordis
This Tea truly send your body and mind into a speechless state of euphoria, no need to talk or interact with others. Just sitting in a meditative state is fine after some Speechless Euphoria. The image on the tea cake describes the feeling well.
Our responseDuring the year of a pandemic, we can benefit from a tea like this to calm our nerves.
average rating 100%
Amazing 07/04/2019
By Theresa Croghan
I’ve purchased tea from Bana for years now and this is one of the best I’ve ever tasted! I highly recommend this tea for anyone. I wish I had the vocabulary to describe the different levels of flavor. But I will purchase this tea again.
Our responseThank you for such a nice review of this tea. I share the same experience of trying to find the words to describe the flavors. In the end, I was speechless!
average rating 100%
Ordering made easy 07/02/2019
By Cindy Bond
My husband orders tea all the time. I don’t. However, ordering through Bana was easy! The website was easy to navigate, checkout was simple and response and delivery was quick! Thank you for providing a positive tea-ordering experience!
Our responseThank you for sharing your positive experience with us. I appreciate you taking the time to do that.
average rating 100%
Fantastic experience 08/10/2020
By Mary Jo Serrino
I was pretty excited to try this tea and it did not disappoint. It is lovely through multiple steeps both using western and traditional methods. The scent is probably my favorite of all the teas I have currently!
Our responseGlad to hear your good tea experience. Happy drinking!
average rating 100%
Repeat purchase 01/15/2023
By seth berg
I come back to this tea over and over because it is a favorite. It is mellow but not boring. This tea has no bitterness and is ready to drink right now. The price is quite reasonable for such high quality.
Our responseThank you, Seth, for your high praise. It means a lot to me.
average rating 100%
Speechless Euphoria 07/04/2019
By Neal Perrin
Great tea sweet and crisp all eight infusions at recommend times. I hope I have some in five or ten years bet it will be worth it's weight in gold. Will be buying more in near future.
Our responseThank you.
average rating 100%
Speechless Euphoria 07/04/2019
By Neal Perrin
Enjoy this tea very much crisp sweet all 8 infusions. Can only imagine how it will be in another five to ten years. I will be buying more in near future hopefully the twin pack.
Our responseThank you for the nice review. This tea will be awesome in ten years.
average rating 100%
Surprising and beautiful 03/09/2024
By Eric Canton
This was my first experience with a raw pu-erh of this quality, and I was blown away. It is like a fine green oolong, but with added heartiness from the pu-erh process.
Our responseThanks for the high praise. This tea is our best seller. Unfortunately, it may be sold out soon.
average rating 100%
Amazing 07/20/2020
By Pooja Mor
I loved everything I ordered, and I love the jasmine tea it’s my favorite , every tea was super fresh and great quality
Thank you

Our responseThank you so much for the glowing review. It is our privilege to bring these teas to you.
average rating 100%
Raw Pu-erh 04/23/2021
By Yvonne Chang
Raw Pu-erh tea is refreshing like green teas. It is my go to tea whenever I want a change from drinking black pu-erh.
Our responseBoth types of pu-erh have something nice to offer to satisfy us. Thank you.
average rating 100%
A New Favorite! Speechless Euphoria 07/02/2019
By Jill M. Allen
I’m a die-hard Oolang & white tea drinker. I have thoroughly enjoyed this new tea. Thank you for the recommendation.
Our responseThat's high praise. THANK YOU!
average rating 100%
Aptly Named! 12/12/2019
By John Lebel
Great name for this tea because I am speechless! Well balanced and smooth, very enjoyable.
Our responseThank you so much for the nice review
average rating 100%
Yum 05/02/2023
By stephen spitalny
This is a delicious tea worth stocking up on so you can save some for future tea times.
Our responseThat is very true. The supply of this tea is going down fast.
average rating 100%
MMM mmmm mmmm 02/19/2023
By Aaron Lissimore
Love this tea, it's an old soul !! Try it you won't regret !!
Our responseYou are not alone. Many people love this tea!