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Red YiWu Raw
Red YiWu Raw

Yiwu Spring Raw Pu-erh

2023 vintage - spring harvest

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Type: Raw Pu-erh (unfermented)
Grade: Premium
Production Area: Yiwu, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Yiwu Mountain is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious regions for producing top-quality pu-erh tea. Renowned for its historical significance and exceptional tea, genuine Yiwu tea is rare and its supply limited. Once you've had the opportunity to savor a cup of this exceptional tea, you'll see why it is so sought-after.

From beginning to end, Yiwu Spring is processed using the time-honored traditional method with strict attention to detail. Even before tasting the tea, the fragrance is already so enticing. Then when you finally take a sip, the sweetness and fragrance spread to your taste buds, and the charming wild flower fragrance comes to life in your mouth. The aroma is so strong that it fills your nose, and as you exhale, it is like the scent of orchids.

A good tea calls you back time and time again. This is one of those teas that you will find keep reaching out for.
Yiwu Spring Raw Pu-erh 100g cake $80.00 Yiwu Spring Raw Pu-erh Twin Pack $160.00

Use 5g of leaves per 6oz of water. Rinse the tea leaves with hot water (200℉) and discard the water. Start brewing following the suggested steeping times below:
1st BREW
10 sec.
2nd BREW
10 sec.
3rd BREW
15 sec.
4th BREW
20 sec.
5th BREW
30 sec.
6th BREW
40 sec.
7th BREW
50 sec.
8th BREW
1 min.
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Customer Comments:

average rating 100%
I was surprised! 08/23/2023
By Kathy L
I am not a "collector" nor do I enjoy young raw puer. Therefore, I wasn't expecting much when I received a sample of this in one of my order. But I was blown away with this one that I immediately came back to order a full cake! It's mellow and sweet. I have a feeling the flavor will become more complex as it ages (if I collected). I really appreciate this offering, as something that can be enjoyed now at an amazing price especially for Yiwu origin.
Our responseI fell in love with this tea at my first sip too. It is my go-to tea when I want to give myself a good treat.