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White Pearls from Yunnan

2021 vintage - spring harvest

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Weight: 100 gram (3.5 oz)
Type: White Tea - 14 pearls
Production area: Laos and Yunnan, China

Phongsaly is the northernmost province of Laos that borders Yunnan, China. It is a mountainous region known for its indigenous old tea trees. White Pearls white tea is made from wild-grown large tea trees in this area. Due to its unique and natural raw materials, this tea is bright, smooth, and very soothing.

Rolled and wrapped into 7g pearls, no measuring of tea leaves is required. Simply unwrap one pearl into your teapot or teacup and add hot water; a delicious cup of tea is ready to drink in a few minutes. As this tea is not bitter nor astringent, brewing is super easy. It can also re-steep multiple times.

for 14 pearls (100 gram total)

To brew in a mug or teapot: Unwrap one pearl and add 8 oz of hot water (195℉). Steep for 4 minutes. Decant the tea and serve. For subsequent steeping, add one minute to each steeping until the tea is too weak.

To brew in a gaiwan: Unwrap one pearl per 6 oz of water (195℉). Before brewing, use a pu-erh pick to pry open the pearl for faster brewing. Brewing times are: 30 sec. 40 sec. 1 min. 2 min.


1st BREW
30 sec.
2nd BREW
40 sec.
3rd BREW
1 min.
4th BREW
2 min.