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2016 Commemorative Ripe Pu-erh Cake
2016 Commemorative Ripe Pu-erh Cake
twin pack
Chan and Chen

Brilliant Success Ripe Pu-erh

2021 vintage spring harvest

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Type: Ripe (fermented) Pu-erh (grade: 1-3)
Production area: Bulang and Mengsong, Yunnan Province

Taste characteristics: Brillant Success Pu-erh cake is the product of an unprecedented collaboration between Tea Master Vesper Chan and the historic Xiaguan Tea Factory, which was established in 1941. During its early days, Xiaguan Tea Factory primarily supplied compressed Tuo Cha (birds nest-shaped pu-erh) and heart-shaped pu-erh tea to Tibet. In 1975, it was first to export pu-erh tea to France and subsequently Japan.

The tea is made with selected leaves from large arbor trees from two major tea regions and the leaves were fermented by skilled tea masters who adhere to traditional fermentation techniques with advanced utilities equipped by the state-of-the-art Xiaguan Tea Factory located on the foothills of the pristine Cangshan Mountain in Dali, in Northwest Yunnan. The resulting product is a ripe tea that is thick, bright, and smooth with a hint of burnt sugar.

A raw version of this tea cake is also available for purchase.

for a 280 gram cake

Use 5g of leaves (or one piece of mini tuo cha) per 6 ounces of water. Rinse the leaves with boiling water (212 degree F) and discard the water. Start steeping according to the recommended steeping times below:


1 sec.
1st BREW
10 sec.
2nd BREW
5 sec.
3rd BREW
10 sec.
4th BREW
20 sec.
5th BREW
30 sec.
6th BREW
40 sec.
7th BREW
1 min.
8th BREW
2 min.