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The King's Seal Raw Pu-erh

2020 vintage - spring harvest

Weight: 680g (24 oz) plus a 50g (1.7 oz) sample cake
Type: Raw Pu-erh (unfermented)
Grade: Premium
Production area: LaoBanzhang, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province

Taste characteristics:

Pu-erh tea from LaoBanzhang has long earned the reputation of “The King of Pu-erh.” The tea from this region is very assertive. As soon as the tea enters the mouth, the bitterness that one feels almost immediately transforms into a subtle sweet sensation. It arouses our taste buds and awakens our senses, reasons why pu-erh enthusiasts are so enamored with tea from this region.LaoBanzhang has become one of the most renowned pu-erh-producing regions in Yunnan in recent decades, attracting many pu-erh enthusiasts to make pilgrimage to this area. It’s increased value prompted counterfeit LaoBanzhang pu-erh to flood the market. Accordingly, pu-erh enthusiasts often express cynicism about the amount of genuine LaoBanzhang leaves that are actually in a LaoBanzhang labeled cake.
In January 2020, renowned Teamaster Vesper Chan and Ge’er, the most prominent tea farmer in LaoBanzhang, collaborated in an effort to realize Master Chan’s dream of creating a cake made with pure genuine LaoBanzhang leaves. He named this cake The King’s Seal, representing the esteemed status of LaoBanzhang.
The King’s Seal is worthy of its name in every aspect, from the profound aroma of the dry leaves to the scent left in an emptied cup that is reminiscent of cotton candy. From the first sip, this pu-erh stimulates the saliva glands and moistens the whole mouth. A minty sensation (called gan) follows that permeates the mouth and prompting a feeling of calm and a slowing of time so that one can savor the joy this tea offers.

The quilted wooden box and blue canisters as shown in the photos are included with the sale of the cake.

***The King's Seal cake is now on backorder. The 10g sample continues to be available for sale.

The King's Seal Raw Pu-erh - 10 grams $38.00


1st BREW
10 sec.
2nd BREW
10 sec.
3rd BREW
20 sec.
4th BREW
30 sec.
5th BREW
40 sec.
6th BREW
1 min.
7th BREW
3 min.
8th BREW
6 min.