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French Export Yunnan Tuo Cha Pu-erh Tea
French Export Yunnan Tuo Cha Pu-erh Tea
Tuo Cha Pu-erh Tea Label

French Export Yunnan Tuo Cha Pu-erh Tea

2007 vintage - mixed harvests

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Weight: 100g (3.5 oz) (loose leaf)
Type: Ripe Pu-erh (fermented)
Grade: 1-3
Production area: Dali, Yunnan

Sourced directly from Xiaguan Tea Factory in Dali, Yunnan Province, this tea is the iconic edition that was exported to France in 1976. The bowl-shaped pu-erh tuo cha, which dates back to 1902, was a major tea transported to Tibet from Yunnan through the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

This tuo cha has been aged in the warehouse of Xiaguan Tea Factory for almost two decades. The unique climate in high elevation Dali, which is dry and windy, creates a unique storage condition for the Xiaguan tea. There is a slight smoke scent, which is the signature scent in Xiaguan tea, and there are many brighter notes that are reminiscent of an aged raw pu-erh. What sets this ripe pu-erh tuo cha apart from other ripe pu-erh is the cooling sensation left (gan) in the mouth afterwards, which is rare among ripe pu-erh.

For more information about the history Xiaguan Tuo Cha, please click here: .

100g (3.5 oz)

Steeping instructions:

Use 5g per 6 ounces of boiling water (212F). Rinse the leaves with boiling water for 5 seconds and discard the water. Start steeping according to the recommended steeping time below:


5 sec.
1st BREW
10 sec.
2nd BREW
5 sec.
3rd BREW
10 sec.
4th BREW
15 sec.
5th BREW
15 sec.
6th BREW
20 sec.
7th BREW
30 sec.
8th BREW
40 sec.
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A Surprising Delight 06/19/2024
By Sean Cyre
This was such a lovely tea to drink this afternoon. As I started to drink it I started to notice a cooling effect but dismissed it as wishful thinking until it got stronger. After checking Linda's write-up on it found that this Shou had Gan! The body of the tea is very full and comforting and the Gan is a welcome surprise. Anyone who loves Pu'er will love this tea.
Our responseThank you for the nice review. I am so glad you felt the gan I felt. This tea in some ways resembles an aged raw. It is so clean. The storage condition in Xianguan is very intriguing.
average rating 100%
Tea 06/30/2024
By Patty ODonnell
Love the Teas Bana Tea Company sells. Always have great service and a lot of new products to try. I drink your tea everyday, and always look forward to my cup of tea.
Our responseSo glad to hear that you drink our teas everyday and you like our new selections. We appreciate your continued support and we will bring more new products for our customers.