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Beginnerís Gift Pack

Beginnerís Gift Pack

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This gift pack consists of a Mengsong Autumn mini tea cake, a The Taste of Menghai mini tea cake, and a Finum permanent tea infusion basket. If you never tried or only had limited exposure to Pu-erh tea, this gift pack provides you with everything you need to explore the different flavor profiles of a raw and a ripe Pu-erh. You can brew the tea in any size mug you have at home (or at the office) using the space-efficient, dishwasher-safe and very functional tea infusion basket. The basket comes with a lid which turns into a drop-off tray when the basket is removed from the mug and placed on the tray.
includes gift box, ribbon, gift tag and a complimentary Pu-erh pick
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average rating 100%
Perfect purchase 05/14/2019
By Cindee Hopkins
I purchased this for my book discussion group when we read The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. The group enjoyed seeing actual tea cakes, and the entire brewing process of the raw and ripe pu'er teas which they liked the taste of very much. I also had a video showing the 1,000 year old tea trees, the process of picking, curing, and selecting the tea leaves leading up to making the tea cakes, plus used my used my phoenix bird china to add to the evening's atmosphere. Thank Lisa See for mentioning your company for purchasing good quality teas.
Our responseThank you for sharing your book club tea tasting experience. It sounds like a really fun evening.
average rating 100%
Hands-on fun 06/20/2022
By Marianne Palen
I was intrigued after reading "The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane" and decided to treat our book group to a tasting. We all had a chance to pick the leaves off the cakes and then to taste both teas. I didn't brew them very well, but we were still able to appreciate the differences. Most noticed a strange smell of the ripe tea, but it dissipates once brewed. I've now been enjoying the left-over tea at home and don't have to worry about them going stale like most other teas. I feel that the set is well-worth the cost.
Our responseThe unusual smell of the ripe tea is because of the fermentation of the leaves. It was wonderful that everyone had a chance to pick the leaves off and feel the cake.
average rating 100%
Excellent Introduction 11/02/2021
By Joshua LeMoine
I have been enjoying Pu erh for 4-5 months now, and I really got my start back with this intro set. I have since tried 20+ raw and ripe variations from the bargain bin to pricey side. To this day, my daily go to is the ripe Taste of Menghai. I will also say that I contacted the company with questions and the owner replied to me directly! What amazing customer service for a new customer to experience!
Our responseThank you for your glowing review - we sure appreciate it.
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Shared Experiences 05/03/2018
By Janet Weeks
Many of my friends and book club members have enjoyed Lisa See's book. It's been fun to share this tea with them. Since the book talks so much about tea cakes, it also helps to have real tea cakes to show.
I love the tea strainer and have used an identical one for years. Now my husband has his own. The tea pick that is included is just one more aspect of this wonderful experience.
average rating 80%
Perfect introduction 05/03/2018
By Marilyn Gragnolati
I was intrigued with pu'er tea after reading Lisa See's book and this was the perfect introduction. I liked that the gift pack included the very practical infuser and a special pick to break away tea from the cake. The only issue I have is that there is no identification on the cakes as to which is the raw and which is the ripe tea. I sent an email to ask, but did not get a response.
Our responseDear Marilyn, thank you for your nice review. I am so sorry for not responding to your question. I must have missed your email somehow. My apology. The cake in the green wrapper is raw and the cake in the brown wrapper is the ripe. Your point is well-taken. I will for sure to label the cakes from now on. Thank you.