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Simply Classic Ripe Pu-erh Brick - 200g ripe pu-erh

Simply Classic Ripe Pu-erh Brick - 200g Ripe Pu-erh Tea

2013 vintage - spring harvest

Average rating:
average rating 91%
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Weight: 200 grams (7 oz.)
Type: Ripe Pu-erh (fermented)
Grade: 2-3
Production area: Bulang Mountain, Menghai County, Yunnan Province

Taste characteristics:
I named this tea Simply Classic because this tea is made using the traditional pu-erh processing and fermentation method and packaged using the natural material of bamboo shoot leaves. Clean and warming, this tea also possesses a woody and warm chestnut flavor. If you enjoy ripe pu-erh on a daily basis, this tea will be an excellent choice because of its quality and good value.
for a 200 gram brick

Use 5-6g of leaves per 6 ounces of water. Quickly rinse the leaves twice with boiling water (212 F) and discard the water. Start steeping according to the recommended steeping time below.


1 sec.
1st BREW
10 sec.
2nd BREW
10 sec.
3rd BREW
15 sec.
4th BREW
20 sec.
5th BREW
30 sec.
6th BREW
40 sec.
7th BREW
1 min.
8th BREW
2 min.
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Customer Comments:

average rating 100%
A very good surprise... 06/01/2020
By Beverly Maynard
I had been drinking coffee regularly and thought this tea might be an interesting alternative on occasion. Much to my surprise, I quickly acquired a fondness for it and now I rarely drink coffee. Very big surprise indeed! In fact I love having 3 or 4 cups throughout my morning and afternoon sometimes and appreciate how each be brew of the same leaves is a somewhat different from the last and yet consistently delicious! My body seems to ask for this tea now and I welcome the health benefits that I believe it can have. The simple quick way to brew the tea is a pleasure too, part of my tea time pleasure. Thanks to Lisa See’s book, The Teagirl of Hummingbird Lane” I was very intrigued and I’m so glad she recommended Bana Tea!!! Thank you
Our responseThank you, Beverly, that pu-erh tea now is part of your daily routine.
average rating 100%
Bana Teas 06/23/2022
By Oleeta Igar
Hello. I’m very glad to do a review. I purchased the 200gm pur-erh tea brick. I tried a sampler about a year or so ago and loved it. This tea was in the sampler. I first thought this tea was too expensive, but you can get many servings from it making it a good value for your money. Also, my cholesterol has come down substantially. Adding the tea is the only thing I’ve done differently. My doctor wants me to keep doing whatever I’m doing. I haven’t told her about the tea yet. We’ll see what the numbers are when I see her in August. This is a delicious full bodied tea you can drink every day. You’ll not be disappointed!!
Our responseThat's great! I hope your August numbers are just as good, or better. Thank you for telling us that.
average rating 80%
The Classic 11/03/2020
By Beena R
My family was introduced to Pu’er tea on a trip to Yunnan province a few years ago. We brought back a lot of tea with us and when that got over, I started looking around for a source in the US. Found Bana tea company through Lisa See’s wonderful book and recently ordered a sampler pack of different teas and this one came closest to what I had in Kunming. The Simply Classic is a very good tea and I would recommend it highly and will definitely buy it again.
Our responseThank you for your trust and the nice review. We appreciate it.
average rating 60%
A solid everyday drinker 08/12/2020
By Bronson Dowd
This is a pretty nice cake and definitely a solid deal for the price. It is not the most complex of pu-erhs, with consistent woody notes across most brews that are almost reminiscent of rooibos. I like the flavor for sure, but it doesn't go on any of the wild detours in taste from brew to brew that I really love in a ripe pu-erh.
Our responseThank you for your honest and thoughtful review.
average rating 100%
Lovely tea 04/07/2020
By Joan Powers
I love my ripe Pu-erh tea brick. It's a little ritual that adds to the whole process of drinking tea. The rich dark red color repeats up to three potfuls and then becomes an amber elixir. I drink it hot and cold. Wonderful.

Our responseSo glad you like it.
average rating 80%
terrif everyday puerh 10/25/2021
By Edmond Gaible
The simply classic brick is a terrific no-frills or everyday puerh tea. Not too expensive, it's nevertheless woody, slightly mossy, with a decent aroma and a lovely dark-brown color. I've used 3-5 g to brew 3-4 large cups.
Our responseThank you for your nice review. Yes, this is a good-valued everyday ripe pu-erh.
average rating 100%
amazing 07/02/2018
By S. marie Sargent
Not only is my silver hair now growing in dark, I have a great sense of well being. This has been a major surprise as I am 81 years old. M. Sargent
average rating 100%
A tasty treat. 09/15/2019
By Neal Perrin
Sweet and robust my go to after noon tea. I like Banateas quick response times. Glad I purchased the other brick.
Our responseThe Simply classic is a great daily tea. Good choice.
average rating 100%
simply classic 11/20/2018
like someone who its always nice to see,
this is my morning tea.