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Red YiWu Raw

Red YiWu Raw Pu-erh Tea

2014 vintage - spring harvest

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Type: Raw Pu-erh (non-fermented)
Grade: 1-3
Production Area: Yiwu, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province

I have always wanted to personally source a good quality Yiwu tea. Pu-erh from Yiwu tea is my favorite because of its softness, its unique plum flavor and its balanced energy. The "Yiwu charm" is a sensory experience that can readily be felt but is almost impossible to describe in words.

Sourcing Yiwu tea is particularly difficult not only because of its high price but its authenticity. During my trip in 2014 to Yiwu, I visited the Yu family in San He Village, whom I have known since 2009. The Yu family has their own ancient tea garden. Their trade mark "Red Yiwu" refers to teas produced from their family tea garden. I purchased a small amount of their tea in 2009 and it remains one of my favorites. On this trip, I was able to source a limited amount of their 2014 edition to offer to Bana customers.

Taste characteristics:
This tea is soft and silky, yet rich and durable. The plum flavor typical of teas from the Yiwu region is the most charming and attractive aspect of this tea. Even though this is a very young tea, the bitterness is well-balanced and it dissipates quickly into a pleasant sweet after-taste that lingers.
Red YiWu Raw Pu-erh Tea 2014 (100 grams) $132.00 Red YiWu Raw Pu-erh Tea 2014 (400g cake) $520.00

Use 5g of leaves per 5-6 oz of water. Rinse with 185 degree F /85 degrees C water prior to brewing. Follow the suggested steeping times below.


10 sec.
1st BREW
5 sec.
2nd BREW
10 sec.
3rd BREW
10 sec.
4th BREW
20 sec.
5th BREW
20 sec.
6th BREW
30 sec.
7th BREW
40 sec.
8th BREW
1 min.
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Customer Comments:

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Excellent Soft and Fruity Yiwu Tea 11/15/2019
By Richard Wong
YiWu tea is known for its water-softness, and its plum/fruity flavor, and indeed this 2014 Red YiWu has embraced these two key features. Because this is a 2014 tea and it is already 2019, the tea leaves have clearly undergone the aging process. The color is noticeably more brown and less green than a fresh tea cake. Aside from the famous saying that: Baozhang is king and Yiwu is queen, there is also a saying that: Ten year Yiwu triumphs ten year Baozhang – implying that Yiwu tea ages better and faster than Baozhang tea. While "Better" is subjective, in my experience, Yiwu tea indeed ages faster than many other pu-erh tea. The tea cake weights 400 gram, and is being sold for under $400. ~$1 per gram is a very reasonable price point for any high quality tea like this tea. The leaves on the tea cake are reasonably compressed – not too tight and not too loose. Overall, the 2014 Red YiWu Raw tea is a definite recommendation from me.
Our responseThank you so much for the glowing review. It brought a smile to my face to know that you enjoyed the tea so much.
average rating 100%
Nice Tea 11/26/2023
By Dennis Li
I enjoyed drinking this tea. It starts off with light taste of plum. Subsequent infusions, the plum flavor increases, deepens with a sweetness that coats the mouth. It makes your body feel warm. This tea adds variety and quality for consumers.
Our responseYiwu is one of my favorite pu-erh regions in Yunnan. The signature plum flavor is very comforting and alluring. Thank you for taking the time to review this tea.