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Denong Wild 2013

Denong Wild 2013 Ripe Pu-erh Tea

2013 vintage - spring & autumn harvest

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average rating 88%
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Weight: 100 grams (3.5 oz.)
Type: Ripe Pu-erh (fermented)
Grade: 1-3
Production area: Remote mountains between Yunnan & Myanmar

Taste characteristics:
If you are a fan of the Denong Wild Ripe Pu-erh, you will be delighted with this 2013 edition. Combining the 2009, 2010 and 2013 Denong Wild dry leaves, this tea is amazingly rich, complex and smooth. Full-bodied, it offers a syrupy finish in the throat. Like the Denong Wild Ripe Pu-erh of previous years, this tea is made from ancient arbor trees planted in the forest centuries ago in the mountainous areas of Yunnan. It is natural and chemical free. Given the fact that these tea trees have thrived with other nearby forest plants and the roots of these plants have intertwined. The result is a wild tea with unique and complex flavors.
for a 100 gram brick (3.5 oz.)

Use 5 grams of leaves per 6 ounces of water. Briefly rinse the leaves and follow the brewing times below.


1 sec.
1st BREW
10 sec.
2nd BREW
20 sec.
3rd BREW
30 sec.
4th BREW
40 sec.
5th BREW
50 sec.
6th BREW
1 min.
7th BREW
2 min.
8th BREW
3 min.
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Customer Comments:

average rating 60%
A little short. 05/21/2020
By Patrick Miller
After finishing my Denong Wild 2009 Ripe pu-erh brick I cast about for a suitable replacement. I was VERY HOPEFUL that the 2013 Wild Denong Ripe Pu-Erh tea would be as good—based on the fact that it was a combination of some already proven quality tea vintages. Alas, it came up short of my expectations.it is, however, a satisfying experience. Once you have tasted the best, you are spoiled for all the rest!
Our responseI agree. The 2009 edition was the best. I kept 30 bricks for my enjoyment in the coming years. :)
average rating 100%
A very good blend 01/29/2022
By Scott Bond
This Denong ripe blend is a very nice combination of 3 years of wild puerh. The tea is smooth, rich and feels very good in the body. This is a very affordable and clean puerh for daily consumption. Thank you Linda for offering this tea through Bana!
Our responseThank you, Scott, for the nice review. It is particularly high praise coming from you.
average rating 100%
Love the Denong Teas 01/18/2023
By Carolyn W
You really cannot go wrong with a Denong Wild brick. Especially one that has aged a bit. These are always delicious and worth saving for a special occasion. One of my favorites from Bana.

Our responseWild pu-erh is harder to find now. I am glad I stocked up on this one.
average rating 80%
Complex and nuanced 05/31/2020
By Mike
This tea has many layers of flavor and it rewards patience. It is very nuanced and is a great deal for the price
Our responseThank you for the nice review.
average rating 100%
Wonderful! 02/27/2019
By Shelley Oram
Such a deep, rich, complex delicious tea. This is a favorite!
Our responseGlad you like it. Thank you for telling us about it.