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Denong Wild 2010

Denong Wild 2010 Ripe Pu-erh Tea

2010 vintage - mixed harvest

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Weight: 100 grams (3.5 oz.)
Type: Ripe Pu-erh (fermented)
Grade: Mixed
Production area: Remote mountains between Yunnan & Myanmar

Taste characteristics: This nutty, pecan flavored 2010 wild brick not only has improved packaging, it is actually sweeter and more flavorful than its older version. For those who like the 2009 brick, you will like the 2010 edition even more.

We are also very proud to announce that the new Denong Wild Brick has received the SGS Food Safety Certification, issued by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Bana takes great pride in offering you this very healthy ripe Pu-erh tea.
for a 100 gram brick (3.5 oz.)


1 sec.
1st BREW
20 sec.
2nd BREW
20 sec.
3rd BREW
40 sec.
4th BREW
1 min.
5th BREW
2 min.
6th BREW
4 min.
7th BREW
5 min.
8th BREW
6-7 min.
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Customer Comments:

average rating 100%
Denong Wild ripe 2010 05/25/2018
By Scott Bond
This ripe puerh is a wonderful example of how balanced a ripe tea can be at only 8 years old. Wonderful fragrance from the tea as soon as the water hits the tea leaves. A mild and gentle experience on the mouth and throat. A quiet fullness in the body as this tea moves throughout the torso. A very clean and calming experience that every puerh lover will enjoy.
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Smooth and refined! 07/15/2019
By Patrick Miller
Drinking this reminds me of sipping a fine Cognac brandy. It is complex and mellow without a hint of “bite.” Just let it rest on your tongue—don’t be in a rush to finish the swallow and savor the experience. Once enjoyed, do it again. It does not disappoint!
Our responseYour review brings a smile on my face. I truly appreciate it.
average rating 100%
Helped me get through cold winter! 03/21/2019
By Olivia Oldaker
The energy of this tea is balanced mature fire. Sweetness of dry fruits and somewhat honey with amazing aroma, makes you feel warm and cozy.
average rating 100%
Denong Wild 2010 07/29/2018
By Sally Szekely
I love this tea. This is the first time I have tried it and I find it very smooth smooth and full of flavour. Just delicious!