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Chen Xiang Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea

1994 vintage—mixed harvest, formerly called 16-Year-Old Ripe
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Type: Ripe Pu-erh (fermented)
Grade: 3 & 4
Production area: Menghai, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Taste Characteristics:
Chen Xiang literally translates to "the fragrance of aged" Pu-erh tea. Formerly known as 16-year-old Ripe Pu-erh, this tea has aged to achieve the "Chen Xiang" sought after by Pu-erh connoisseurs. Its mellow, smooth aged ripe Pu-erh flavor is not only satisfying to the palate and soothing to the stomach, it is also calming to the soul. Drink it after a meal or whenever you feel overwhelmed.
Chen Xiang Ripe Pu-erh Tea - 50 grams $28.00 Chen Xiang Ripe Pu-erh Tea - 100 grams $52.00


1 sec.
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20 sec.
2nd BREW
20 sec.
3rd BREW
30 sec.
4th BREW
40 sec.
5th BREW
1 min.
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5 min.
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Customer Comments:

average rating 100%
One of my favorites 08/12/2020
By Bronson Dowd
A delightful and light tea, as well as a great value for its vintage. This is a very smooth and clean tea that still has a bit of an earthy edge that I love in a pu-erh. The broth is beautiful and sustains its flavor across brews longer than some other aged batches have for me. It makes for a particularly good tea when the day has slipped away and I'm sitting down for tea later than usual.
Our responseYes, this is a classic aged ripe pu-erh collected by my tea master.
average rating 100%
My morning tea ceremony 12/01/2020
By elana golden
I love this tea and the ritual of brewing it as instructed, then pouring it gently into a small Chinese cup, sipping it slowly one cup at the time, welcoming a new day. This tea and the ritual are both calming and energizing. It has been my morning routine for a few weeks now, and I just ordered a new package of this tea..
Our responseSo glad to hear you are enjoying the tea ritual. It is not only good for our body, but for our soul as well.
average rating 100%
Smooth Bargain 08/10/2020
By Henry Mueller
If you like pu-erh with no rough edges, just flavor, this is the best price to quality ratio I have yet found. I will now drink more tea than ever before.

Five stars rating considers value. Probably has a bit less body than more expensive teas (i.e. 2x price and above).

Our responseThank you for your honest and accurate review of this tea. Also glad to hear you are drinking more tea.
average rating 100%
Superb Tea! 04/15/2024
By Julianne Fish
Bana Tea is simply THE BEST! High quality tea, great website information, awesome customer service! Fine tea is an exquisite experience and Bana is a great resource to guide your tea journey.
Our responseHi Julianne, thank you so much for your kind words. It is my privilege to serve you. I am so glad our teas met your high expectations.
average rating 100%
Smooth tea 08/16/2023
By Alan Levine
Really like this tea. I usually drink pu-erh in the morning.
But because of the mild caffeine content I brew Chen Xiang
In the afternoon. I sip and enjoy.

Our responseThank you, Alan, for your nice review. You have enjoyed this tea for years. I appreciate your loyalty.
average rating 100%
Best pu erh tea ever 08/25/2022
By Claire Forgan
I love this pu erh tea. I have ordered a few different teas from Bana and have really enjoyed all of them. High quality products, you’ll never be disappointed!
Our responseThank you so much for your kind words. We are so glad you enjoy the Chen Xiang. It is a very good-valued aged pu-erh.
average rating 100%
Mellow and Easy 03/27/2018
By J.W.
This tea is so mellow and easy on my stomach. I drink an average of 20 grams of this tea a day.
average rating 100%
Delightful Aged Pu'er 07/16/2021
By Sara K.
Ah, this is a smooth, savory, aged ripe pu'er. Nice and mellow. Great value for the price.
Our responseThere is no other tea that can be compared to aged pu-erh.
average rating 100%
Question 08/09/2019
By Bradley Taylor
Do you have a caffein-free product option?
Our responseSorry. We do not have a caffeine-free option.