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CNNP Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea
CNNP Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea
CNNP Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea1

CNNP Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea

1990 vintage

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average rating 86%
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Type: Ripe Pu-erh (fermented)
Production area: Menghai, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Taste characteristics:
After decades of aging in a natural environment in Hong Kong, this China National Native Produce (CNNP) - made tea has aged into a smooth and thick broth with an incredibly clean and crisp finish. It exhibits the aged tea character that is sought after by Pu-erh connoisseurs. Later infusions of this tea reveal a warm malty note that coats your entire mouth. Ripe Pu-erh of this age and caliber is increasingly rare. This is no doubt a collector's choice.

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Customer Comments:

average rating 100%
Smooth 08/19/2023
By Laura C
My good friend, I call my sister, lives in Yunnan and worked for a tea company there. She has been kind enough to share information on choosing, brewing, when and when not to drink Puerh. One of the most important things she taught me was that the puerh should be smooth. I found this tea to be the epitome of that description. It is so smooth. A term perhaps hard to describe but you know it when you taste it. Worth buying for sure.
Our responseThank you so much for your kind words and endorsement. A tea's texture is just as important, if not more important, than its taste. A smooth texture is an indication of a tea's high quality.
average rating 60%
Nice After Taste 05/21/2020
By Shelley Oram
I need to give this tea another try, the sample was not enough to fully appreciate the subtle flavors . At first try a smooth, deep flavor with a nice, unusual finish.
Our responseThis is an aged ripe pu-erh, which can be an acquired taste. Hope you'll like your second try more.
average rating 100%
Excellent 04/24/2019
By K nikki Waters
Wonderful, prompt and efficient service and the tea is excellent! they also included two samples for me to try as a gift--very thoughtful.
Our responseThank you for the kind review. It speaks a thousand words.