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Genmaicha Green Tea 100g

Genmaicha Green Tea 100g

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Weight: 100 grams (3.5 oz)
Type: Green Tea - loose leaf
Production area: Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

When I was in Kyoto, Japan in 2016, I visited the Tea Shop Horaido, where Genmaicha was first created. This tea shop was established in 1803. Speaking with the current owner, Mr. Nagahiro Yasumori, I learned that Genmaicha was first created in 1922 by Master of Horaido, Mr. Soueman. The idea behind Genmaicha came from the Cha-Kaiseki meal, which is a full course meal served at formal tea ceremonies, known in Japan as Chanoyu. Traditionally, at the end of the meal after the last course, hot water is served with roasted rice or some other flavors added to the water. Inspired by the taste and aroma of the water and roasted rice, Master Horaido struck on the idea of combining roasted rice and tea.

Taste characteristics:
We sourced this Genmaicha Green Tea directly from Tea Shop Horaido. Roasted brown rice is mixed into the green tea grown in the famous Uji tea producing region. The tea is hearty and savory with a pleasant aroma of roasted rice.

for 100 grams (3.5 oz) loose leaf

Use 5g of leaves for 6 oz. of spring water. Heat water to 175 degree F water and steep for 40 seconds. Repeat and steep for 1 minute. (no preliminary rinse is necessary).


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Customer Comments:

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Brown Rice Green Tea 07/11/2019
By Bonnie Hong
I really enjoy drinking this tea. I used to buy the tea bag version at the Asian markets, but never had I seen this loose leaf version. Wow, what a difference in taste! I still buy the tea bags for the convenience. But when I drink this tea at home, it is by far better in taste and quality. I will definitely be buying more.
Our responseHi Bonnie, I am so glad you enjoy this tea so much. Yes, there is a big difference between this tea and those available at markets.
average rating 100%
Love this tea! 01/12/2022
By Bonnie Hong
This is, by far, the best brown rice green tea we have ever had. We no longer buy the tea bag variety sold at stores. The difference in taste just does not compare to this tea. We love this tea!
Our responseI was out of this tea during the beginning of the pandemic. Glad I was able to import it again.
average rating 100%
5 stars 03/27/2020
By stephen spitalny
My wife is a big genmaicha fan and she just loves this particular tea. A good price for some special genmaicha!
Our responseWe are flattered! Thank you.