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Dragon Buds Jasmine
Dragon Buds Jasmine
cup of pale gold Dragon Buds Jasmine tea
Above: A cup of pale gold Dragon Buds Jasmine tea sits amid jasmine flowers that are the variety grown to scent the tea leaves.
Photo courtesy of Mr. Yeh at Fang Ming Tea Factory, Fujian Province.

Dragon Buds Jasmine Tea

2023 harvest

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Weight: 21 grams (.74 oz)
Type: Jasmine scented tea
Production region: Fuding, Fujian Province, China

Taste characteristics:
Scented teas have been popular since the Qing Dynasty. The most well-known to the West is jasmine tea. Scented with aromatic jasmine flowers, this tea is fragrant, refreshing, and an absolute delight.

Not all jasmine teas are created equal. Top grade jasmine tea undergoes ten rounds of scenting, which requires multiple processing steps and one month of processing time. Commercial grade jasmine tea in tea bags or those served at restaurants are likely created by spraying jasmine extract on low grade tea leaves.

The best jasmine tea comes from Fuding of Fujian Province in China. The tender buds from this area are considered the best base material for jasmine tea because they are less astringent and more tippy, making them more conducive to scenting. During my trip to Fuding this spring, I was able to source a top grade jasmine tea that is made from the best leaves and processed according to the time-honed traditional method.

The Dragon Buds Jasmine is only made once a year so supply is extremely limited. We are so proud to be able to offer this tea to our customers. Once sold out, it will be a year before it will be available again.

***This tea is currently sold out. The 2020 new jasmine will be available in a couple of weeks.

for 21 grams (.74 oz) loose leaf
Out of Stock, Check back soon

To find out more about this tea, please visit The Jasmine Tea Like You Have Never Had

Place 3 grams of tea in a 4-6 oz. gaiwan or teapot. Start steeping using 195 degree F water for 20 sec. for 3 infusions. Gradually increase steep time for subsequent steeping.
After finish brewing, place the spent leaves in a water bottle and enjoy jasmine tea all day long.


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Customer Comments:

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Jasmine Buds 02/05/2019
By Linda Chapin
The Jasmine Buds are divine and gifting them to friends who remember tea in SF Chinatown as kids was a treat for me
as well as for them. Heavenly.

At this moment I am enjoying a cup of Shoumei that Linda gifted me with the purchase of the Jasmine. I enjoy this
soft and gentle tea. I am so glad to become acquainted with it, on my list now for buying from Bana in the near future
as is Miranda's Shangrila Gold Black that I am excited to to taste. Tea and snow on this winter day here in the Sierras.
Thanks for your sharing your love of teas with all of us.

Linda "Ani" Chapin

Our responseThank you for your nice review and I am glad you enjoy the Shoumei. It is indeed and gentle and soft tea.
average rating 100%
Can't stop drinking jasmine 12/17/2018
Friends, family and I can't stop drinking this tea! The long, cooling finish is satisfying and I appreciate how many times I can continue to steep the leaves in my gaiwan before the flavor runs out. The flowerly taste of this jasmine is superior, leaving the impression that I'm standing next to the jasmine bush. It's a wonderful morning tea to drink without milk or throughout the day.
Our responseThank you Ingrid for the nice review. I will let the maker of this tea know this jasmine has many loyal fans.
average rating 100%
Best Jasmine Tea Ever! 01/31/2019
By Jane
This is legitimately the best jasmine tea I've ever had. Just the scent when you open the bag is magical. I've been able to use just a few buds in a thermos and by the time I get around to drinking it it's a really flavorful brew. I highly recommend this tea!
Our responseThank you for the glowing review of the Jasmine tea. Every time I drink this tea, I think about the amount of work that went into making it. And that is what sets this jasmine tea apart from others.
average rating 100%
OMG Tea! 01/12/2022
By Bonnie Hong
We LOVE this tea and hope you always carry it because we will always buy it! Love the aroma of the jasmine when it's brewing and as you take each sip. Truly, a lovely tea!
Our responseI am glad you like this tea so much. Thank you for the nice review.
average rating 100%
Love their Teas 06/21/2022
By Patty ODonnell
I have been ordering tea from Bana Tea for several years. I enjoy both raw and ripe. Excellent service and delightful teas.
Our responseThank you so much for your high praise. We appreciate your loyalty and support.
average rating 100%
Best Jasmine Tea 05/21/2020
By Kara Scanlon
I bought this for my mom and my 4 best friends. We all love it! It is by far the best Jasmine tea we have ever had!
Our responseThank you for the high praise. I sourced this tea because I want people to know how good jasmine tea can be.
average rating 100%
Amazing 04/30/2019
By Kara Scanlon
This Jasmine tea will make you never what to have any other types! It is intensely Jasmine!
Our responseYes, we all get spoiled by this Jasmine tea.
average rating 100%
Best Jasmin Green Tea 04/15/2020
By Lori K
Taste is amazing, not bitter and jasmin scent lasts through several brews.
Our responseYes, the flavor lasts because it has undergone 10 rounds of scenting, which takes a month to make.
average rating 100%
Loved it! 10/03/2019