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Dragon Buds Jasmine
Above: A cup of pale gold Dragon Buds Jasmine tea sits amid jasmine flowers that are the variety grown to scent the tea leaves.
Photo courtesy of Mr. Yeh at Fang Ming Tea Factory, Fujian Province.

Dragon Buds Jasmine

2018 vintage—spring harvest

Weight: 21 grams (.74 oz)
Type: Jasmine scented tea
Production region: Fuding, Fujian Province, China

Taste characteristics:
Scented teas have been popular since the Qing Dynasty. The most well-known to the West is jasmine tea. Scented with aromatic jasmine flowers, this tea is fragrant, refreshing, and an absolute delight.

Not all jasmine teas are created equal. Top grade jasmine tea undergoes ten rounds of scenting, which requires multiple processing steps and one month of processing time. Commercial grade jasmine tea in tea bags or those served at restaurants are likely created by spraying jasmine extract on low grade tea leaves.

The best jasmine tea comes from Fuding of Fujian Province in China. The tender buds from this area are considered the best base material for jasmine tea because they are less astringent and more tippy, making them more conducive to scenting. During my trip to Fuding this spring, I was able to source a top grade jasmine tea that is made from the best leaves and processed according to the time-honed traditional method.

The Dragon Buds Jasmine is only made once a year so supply is extremely limited. We are so proud to be able to offer this tea to our customers. Once sold out, it will be a year before it will be available again.
for 21 grams (.74 oz) loose leaf

Place 3 grams of tea in a 4-6 oz. gaiwan or teapot. Start steeping using 195 degree F water for 20 sec. for 3 infusions. Gradually increase steep time for subsequent steeping.
After finish brewing, place the spent leaves in a water bottle and enjoy jasmine tea all day long.