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Piao I Glass Filter Teapots

Piao I Glass Filter Teapots

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This is the authentic Piao I teapot made and patented by Piao I Enterprise Co., Ltd. This teapot is comprised of an upper chamber and a lower chamber. (The upper chamber is made with plastic that is food grade PC (Polycarbonate) with temperature resistance up to +130℃ (+266℉) the same materials used to make baby bottles. The lower chamber is made with direct fired beaker glass with 150℃ (302℉) transient temperature difference resistance.) Brew the tea in the upper chamber. Once brewing is complete, press a button and the brewed tea drains to the lower chamber from where it can be poured for consumption at the desired time. This ingenious design prevents over-brewing. The upper chamber can also be removed leaving the lower chamber to serve as a teacup. Made of strong beaker glass, it is easy to clean and a pleasant design.

500cc teapot (±16.9 oz.) dimensions: 3.25" wide x 6" tall
1000cc teapot (±33.8 oz.) dimensions: 4" wide x 7.25" tall

Piao I Teapot - 500cc (about 16.9 ounces) $32.00 Piao I Teapot - 1000cc (about 33.8 ounces) $50.00
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must have 02/08/2021
By Eve Ridge
I love this Travel Buddy so much, my Sister had to have one too. Convenient for home as I can easily brew all day and the next. The leaves stay "dry" in the filter basket.
Convenient for travel, you don't have to take the glass pot with you and a great cup of brew is just a push away.
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Love it! 04/09/2021
So convenient use it daily, easy to clean. Great to use when brewing multiple servings of Pu’er. Wish there was a travel safe version (non breakable)
Our responseIt is one of the most functional tea brewing instruments I have found.
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Love 01/29/2020
By Mc
Love this little tea pot. May order the larger one as well. Very easy to use and clean. I use it several times a day. Would definitely recommend.
Our responseGlad you like this very functional teapot
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Perfect 07/13/2023
By JD Eames
Great for everyday use. I love the design of this pot, esp. for multiple infusions. Easy to use. Easy to clean.
Our responseAgree. It is the easiest way to do gong-fu tea without using a small teapot or a gaiwan. Glad you like this brewing vessel.