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Finum Brewing Basket

Finum Brewing Basket

Permanent tea brewing filter with lid/drip tray

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This German-made permanent filter makes tea brewing a very simple task, whether at home or in the office. The filter is made with a durable stainless-steel mesh, which allows tea to drain quickly. The lid maintains a high temperature during steeping and then doubles as a drip tray when the filter is removed from the mug. At 3.5" x 4", it fits inside most cups and mugs. Heat-tolerant plastic handles make removal of the filter easy and prevent burning your fingers. Dishwasher safe. The Finum Brewing Basket is a "must-have" if you are a tea lover on the go.

Color: Black/stainless steel
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Convenient 07/13/2021
By Margo Krindel
This brewing basket is very convenient (except for cleaning, but it's no more inconvenient than other strainers I have for tea). I like the way the basket fits so well into the lid/drip tray. I admit I am a little concerned about longevity since the mesh seems a bit flimsy, but so far it's still in good shape and perhaps my concerns are overblown.
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General review for all 01/07/2020
By Rebecca Lerner
I loved all Genmai tea- best quality i have ever had. the cups are fantastic and the strainer is the best one for my needs. my purchases were gifts and all 100% happy. me too!! 5 stars for all.
Our responseWow! Thank you for the high marks.
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Brews with ease 05/22/2020
By Shacurra Jackson
Great way to brew full bodied teas in a cup.
Our responseYes, the easy brew is important to keep your daily routine.