Pu-erh Teas from Bana Tea Company
Pu-erh Teas Finest by Bana Tea Company
Black and White Gift Pack

Black and White Gift Pack - includes tea and an infusion basket

This gift pack consists of a Finum tea infusion basket, a black tea and a white tea. You can brew the teas in any size mug you have at home (or at the office) using this space-efficient, dishwasher-safe and very functional tea infusion basket. The basket comes with a lid which turns into a drip-off tray when the basket is removed from the mug and placed on the tray. The two teas included in this gift pack are not your ordinary black and white tea. The Yunnan Black From Old Trees is made with leaves from centuries-old tea trees, thus yielding more unique and complex flavors and able to last multiple infusions. The white tea in this gift pack is an organic 3-year-old aged Shoumei (Longevity Eyebrow) from old tea bushes. It is from Fuding, Fujian Province, which is home to all true white teas. This tea is sweet and smooth. Shoumei typically is made with the 4th and 5th leaves of the tea branch and is reported to contain less caffeine than the more tender leaves. This gift pack comes in a gift box with ribbon, a tea information card, and a Bana gift tag.
includes gift box, ribbon, gift tag and a complimentary Pu-erh pick