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Individual Tea Tasting Kit  Lady Tans Circle of Women

Individual Tea Tasting Kit Lady Tans Circle of Women

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• Silver Needle Jasmine Tea

• Bamboo-clasp Green Mandarin Pu-erh

•  A beautiful brocade pouch

• A TASTING GUIDE brochure with:
- Brewing instructions for each tea
- General tips for brewing a good cup of tea
- Information about each tea in the kit

The Tasting Kit For Individuals is designed for a single reader or a small informal group who wishes to experience the teas mentioned in Lady Tan's Circle of Women. It guides the reader in discovering and comparing different flavors of both types of teas. 

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Customer Comments:

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Tea Tasting & Reading 05/15/2024
By Linda Harkins
This is the second time I’ve ordered from Bana Tea. My first order was after reading Lisa See’s The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane (a fabulous book). Several friends who had also enjoyed that book joined me to sample all of the delectable teas in that kit. Then, while recently reading Lady Tan’s Circle of Friends, I ordered an individual kit with two teas selected to accompany that book. The tea arrived in a gorgeous Asian-inspired drawstring fabric bag. I have already consumed every drop of the high-quality, delightful jasmine tea. I can hardly wait to taste the 2021 vintage Green Mandarin Pu-era but am saving it for a time when my granddaughter can join me in the tasting experience.
Our responseThank you, Linda, for your wonderful feedback. Enjoy a wonderful tasting of the Green Mandarin Per-erh with your granddaughter.
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Impressive Tasting 03/29/2024
By Brenda Kidd-Gaydos
Last night my bookclub members were blown away with these delicious teas. They are so easy to brew and we experienced the most impressive flavors any of ladies had ever had. Thanks to Lisa See’s recommendation the tea tasting was a hugh hit. Everyone wanted the name of Bana Tea, so I think you will be getting quite a few orders from Naples, Florida. I am a member of the oldest Bookclub in our city, Coconut River Book Club.
Thank you for making our tea tasting experience a big success! By the way, the book we read was Lady Tan’s Circle of Women. We Loved the book!

Our responseThank you so much for featuring our teas at your bookclub meeting. We are so glad that it was such a huge hit. Keep on reading and drinking - tea!
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Lovely Tea Kit 12/05/2023
By Deneen F
This was a lovely tea kit! I bought it as a gift for my mother after we both read the book. The brochade bag is so beautiful and well made. The Silver Needle Jasmine tea was heavenly and the Bamboo-clasp Green Mandarin Pu-erh was a fun experience, and very interesting to prepare. I would highly recommend it especially if you read the book, Lady Tan's Circle of Women.
Our responseThank you for sharing your experience and for your endorsement of this tea kit. We appreciate it.
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Gift 05/01/2024
By Nanci Froemming
Since this is a gift item I can't review this tea myself. I do hope the recipient enjoys it. The presentation was quite nice. I can't wait to hear how my sister likes the tea. We both read Lady Tan's Circle of Women and I found out about your tea in the acknowledgements.
Our responseWe, too, hope your friend will like the tasting kit. Thank you for taking the time to submit the review - we appreciate it.
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Very Pleased 05/19/2024
By Karen Steinbrecher
I served the teas according to directions. My book club liked them and was impressed. I thought I would like the Mandarin type tea better, but I really liked the "silver".

Thank you. The Brocade bag containing the teas is lovely, and I keep it as a memento.

Our responseYes, not all jasmine teas are created equal. The Silver Needle jasmine stays in your palate and your memory.
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A Lovely Tea 10/02/2023
By Charlotte Grone
These teas arrive promptly in a sweet little tied packet, re-usable for just about anything you want. The teas steep beautifully, easily, and it seems as if their flavors bloom more with each delicate sip. Impossible not to enjoy.
Our responseThanks for your lovely review. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed every sip of the tea.
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Awesome 03/29/2024
By Lori Mercer
After reading the book. I had to have the teas. They are great. The bags are awesome
Our responseThank you for your kind review. Glad that you liked the tea as well as the pouch, which you can reuse again and again.