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2018 Pre-Qingming Biluochun (Green Spiral Spring) Green Tea

Vintage: 2018 Pre-qingming harvest

Weight: 28 grams (1 oz)
Type: green tea
Production region: Dongshan, Suzhou, China

Named after its producing area, Biluo Summit in Suzhou, Biluochun (Green Spiral Spring) is among the most renowned green teas in China.  Biluochun is famous of its downy and curly leaf appearance and its tiny tender budsets.  The farmers need 120,000 bud to produce 1 kilo of dry leaves.  This tea is delicate, aromatic and refreshing.  It is also pleasing to your palate as well as it is visually to your eyes.  Steep it in a tall glass and enjoy watching the green tender leaves unfurl and "dance" around in the glass.

for 28 grams (1 oz) loose leaf

Pour 6 oz of 170℉ water into a glass. Add 2g of tea leaves into the hot water. Enjoy watching how the leaves unfurl. After a minute, the tea is ready to drink. When the glass is half full, refill more water into the glass to re-steep the same leaves.