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Especially created for fans of LISA SEE
and her latest novel,

Below, Bana is offering 3 exciting gift sets, each one thoughtfully composed to provide an authentic pu-erh tea experience as portrayed in her book. Premium quality pu-erh teas are included in each gift. Two of the gifts also include beautiful traditional brewing devices that are also mentioned in the book. All gifts come with information and brewing instructions for each tea. Gifts with brewing devices include directions for their use. All sets are festively boxed with ribbon and a gift tag as seen in the photos below.

Bana is offering the original hardcover edition of "THE TEA GIRL OF HUMMINGBIRD LANE" for sale at a discounted price when you purchase one of the 3 Holiday Gift Packs below.

Li-yan's Introductory Pu-erh Sampler
Gift Pack #1

In the book, Li-yan (the protagonist in "The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane") describes her tea experience at the Pu-er Tea College:

“The huigan from my first sip opens my chest so quickly that I feel I might faint. Warmth washes up from my chest and flushes my face,”

Join Li-yan in experiencing top quality pu-erh teas with this well balanced sampler. This set includes seven 7-gram samples of the following teas:

Raw Pu-erh
Little Bing Dao (2017 vintage)
Bana Limited Edition (2008 vintage)
2016 Commemorative Cake (2016)

Ripe Pu-erh
Tang Xiang (1992 vintage)
Large Tribute Brick (2004 vintage)
Red Sunset (2016 vintage)
Ginseng Scent (2005 vintage)

Gift Pack #1 $25 (7 premium pu-erh tea samples)
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Gift Pack #1 and Hardcover Book $50 Add To Cart

Tea Infuser from Fengcun Tea Market
Gift Pack #2

This ornate glass tea infuser-pitcher and two double-walled glass tea cups were sourced from Fengcun tea market in Guangzhou, where Li-yan worked after she graduated from her pu-erh training program. This beautiful and very functional tea accessory is about the size of a gaiwan. The outer glass cup serves as a pitcher, holding the ceramic infuser. A matching lid sits on top of the pitcher and can also double as a stand for the infuser.

Brewing is simple and elegant with this device. The strength of the tea can easily be seen in the glass pitcher as well as the two glass cups. The double-wall on these delicate cups insulates your fingers from the hot tea.

This infuser and cup set comes with four 4-gram pu-erh samples: Little Bing Dao, Red Sunset, Simply Classic, Bana Ltd Edition.

Gift Pack #2 $40 (Tea infuser, 2 glass cups and 4 teas)
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Gift Pack #2 and Hardcover Book $65
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to see detail of infuser

Tea Master Sun's Gaiwan Set
Gift Pack #3

Tea Master Sun, Li-yan’s tea instructor, brewed tea using a gaiwan, a three-piece slightly oversize teacup with a lid and saucer. With this type of brewing method, Tea Master Sun explains, “I can brew these particular leaves up to fifteen time. With each new infusion, the taste will change, coming from different parts of the leaf and invigorating different parts of the tongue.”

This gaiwan set is comprised of an elegant three-piece gaiwan and two matching cups. This classically styled set is hand-made of high quality porcelain in Jingdezhen, China, which is often referred to as the "Porcelain Capital of the World.” The glaze which is almost white with a whisper of cerulean blue, is baked twice at a very high temperature. It is entirely food safe with absolutely no traces of lead.

The set comes with two 4-gram pu-erh samples: Award winning Treasures from Five Mountains and Lotus Scent Aged Pu-erh

Gift Pack #3 $60 (Gaiwan with 2 cups and 2 teas)
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Gift Pack #3 and Hardcover Book $85
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Click here to see photos and read about Lisa See's trip to
tea regions in China with Linda Louie

Click here to go to Lisa See's website
Linda Louie often gives presentations on pu-erh tea. For upcoming events visit our Facebook page

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